Do You Prep?

Do You Prep?


Well do ya?
Well do ya?



There is a big day looming on my MS horizon.


Not one.  Not two.  But three appointments in a single day.


A trifecta of care at the Mellen Center of the Cleveland Clinic.





I’ll begin with a morning session of Botox injections in my legs to slay the arch-nemesis spasticity.

Followed up with a nooner inside an MRI tube.

All topped off, for shits & giggles, with an afternoon visit with Claire, my lovely & talented CNP.


Can you say “Ca-Ching!”


Yes, I will meet my yearly deductible in one glorious day!

But that’s the price you pay for convenience…and I’m just happy to get it done in one trip–instead of three!


So I must begin my preparation.

What’s that you ask?  Preparation?  What do you mean?

Surely you prepare for appointments.

I have a checklist I go through for ANY appointment.


How deep can you forge?
How deep can you forge?




When I am about to get my wig busted (haircut), I always make sure my ears are properly cleaned.





We see broccoli.
We see broccoli.



Same goes for a dentist appointment.

I brush.  And floss.  Which is weird because the hygenist is going to floss the very same way–so why do it?

(Suppose I don’t want her to think I am slacking on my dental care.)



So I prep for MS appointments much the same way.


In the days leading up to a doctor visit, I tend to move around (exercise) with more determination to keep limber.

I do extra stretching, wiggling my feet & ankles for flexibility.  My bones creak & crack like a bowl of Rice Krispies.


Sweet tootsies.
Sweet tootsies.




I make sure to wear my Dyna-splint in the evenings & night to help with foot drop.




Being sure to take my Baclofen…get plenty of rest…eat my veggies…say my prayers…don’t step on a crack to break my mother’s back…and any other thing you can think of.


In other words, I want them to see me at my absolute best.

I want to be faster during the timed 25ft walking test.

Quicker doing the nine-hole peg test.

Kick butt on the memory quiz.

Brighter eyes. 

Sharper mind.


Maybe it’s about being competitive…trying to beat my times.

But maybe, just maybe, it’s my way of showing them that multiple sclerosis isn’t going to take me down as quickly as it wants.

How about you?

Do you prep for appointments?  Anything special you do beforehand?

Please share in a comment as something you do may help someone else.

Keep moving.


4 Replies to “Do You Prep?”

  1. Margaret provided her personal view on this topic…and I accidentaly deleted it! Here is what she said…

    Let me start by saying, first Tysabri infusion of the year January 10th, deductible met. Check. In between Dr. appointments I keep a running list of things I want to discuss at my next appointment. Then the night before my appointment, I review my list to see what is still relevant, and organize my list starting with what is most important. Where we differ, is that I want my Dr. to see me at my worst. This way when I tell my Dr., that I know I am progressing, I have the symptoms to prove it. I am a competitive person, but not when it comes to seeing my neurologist. FYI, I do brush and floss before my dentist appointment. I too find it weird, but I guess great minds think alike. #mssucks

  2. Now my response…

    Thank you so much for your organized account. VERY good work! Well done.
    I have questioned my idea of whether the Dr should see me at my best–or worst.
    I choose to be seen at my “best” (Is there really a “best” with MS?) because in order to be seen at my worst, I would have to skimp on my routine–and for that, I just can’t let myself down.
    Though I understand your point completely, there is no right or wrong way to attack MS. It does, it sucks!
    As for the dentist, maybe next time we should eat some Oreos before we go in there—make’em earn their money!
    Thank you for your comment. I greatly appreciate your contributions!

  3. Love the reference to the nooner in the MRI tube! As far as prepping before our appointments, for Jennifer and me, it’s not so much a question of what we do to prepare, it’s what we don’t do. Absolutely no coffee, even though our appointments are in the morning. Because, you know, liquid and caffeine equals recipe for disaster with MS bladders!

  4. Dan,
    Thanks for checking in! You raise a very good & important point.
    I always check in, then head to the head for a pit stop.
    Best wishes for a dry appointment!