Notes On Totes

Notes On Totes


Carry this.
Carry this.




Promotional giveaway items, knicknacks, doodads, whatnots, thingamajigs.

The items have changed through the years.

Kind of like a geologic time scale of gimcrack whatchamacallits.


Anything with enough room to cram a company logo.


Pencils.  Pens.  Matches.  Ashtrays.  Jar openers.  Umbrellas.  Chip clips.  Note pads.  Pill boxes.


Still can't open the #@&% jar!
Still can’t open the #@&% jar!



You name it, they make it.


And because you & I are suckers for a freebie, we have LOADS of this stuff (most of it untouched) jammed in drawers & cupboards throughout our home.




Got game?
Got game?



I have a cabinet filled with more sport bottles than there are Olympic events!


Another area is home to coffee travel mugs—and no one in my family drinks java!




Today, the giveaway items have evolved with technology to include mouse pads, memory sticks & selfie-sticks.


Make mine bigly.
Make mine bigly.



In recent days ballcaps with catchy slogans have been popular.

(I don’t have one of these.)


Through it all, one item has remained a marketing fav…..the tote bag.


Popular since humans have had hands, the tote bag is perfect for two reasons.  One, a tote bag gives the organization plenty of room for a logo.  And two, a tote bag allows me to carry more crap.


But I am here to say “Enough already with the tote bag.”

I am up to my waist in tote!

With a quick count, I tally up no less than 57 tote bags in my home.

Totes from hospitals, health systems, food companies, sports teams, grocery stores, cable companies, running races, retail and the list goes on.


Lug this around!
Lug this around!



We even have a giant tote bag to hold all the smaller totes!


I was given a backpack tote with a logo–and I can barely walk.


Totes of all sizes & shapes.


Blinding me with tote!
Blinding me with tote!



Colors too.


We have totes of enough different colors to choke ROY G BIV.


Marketers, please.  Hear me out.

Stop with the tote bags.  My hands & closets are full.

Frankly, I’m ready to go back to jar openers.











4 Replies to “Notes On Totes”

  1. I love your word of whatchamacallits! I have too many totes also for junk. You do have too many, maybe give them to charity?? All the free advertisements need to think of a better product, I agree with the jar opener. lol

  2. Kim,
    Thank you for your comment. Yeah, charity is a good idea. Seems we collect totes faster than I could get rid of them. I believe they multiply in the closet!

  3. …..and I thought I was the only one who was a pack rat. I currently have probably narrowed down my collection of tote bags to probably six. I have those rubber jar openers in several rooms of my house. What I do have is a large collection of logo T-shirts. My daughter alone has a T-shirt for every school/club/trip/camp/concert she ever attended. Counting college, she has lived away from home for over 10 years and these T-shirts are just sitting in her former bedroom dresser. I just can’t seem to give these away. I offered to have her a “T-shirt quilt” made, but she does not want one. So I guess they can just stay in the dresser drawer.

  4. Margaret,
    How could I forget t-shirts! Making a giant parachute is another useful option.
    Thanks for your wise advice!