Periodic Table Of Elements Of MS

Periodic Table Of Elements Of MS


If you have followed this lowly website for any length of time…first, I apologize…and second, you know I get geeked by science.

I love all aspects of science and what it means to life & the world around us.


Thinks he's Bill Nye?
Thinks he’s Bill Nye?


That being said, you probably haven’t given much thought about the Periodic Table of Elements since high school chemistry class.


Well I’m here to say those 118 elements & their respected symbols have a double meaning.  ESPECIALLY if you have multiple sclerosis.

Let me explain using several examples…


Where is he going with this?
Where is he going with this?




The element Carbon, in chemistry, is known simply by the letter “C.”

But those of us with MS, might know the letter “C” as the popular medication Copaxone.





Yeah, okay...
Yeah, okay…




Iodine, in chemistry, is represented with the letter “I.”


Meanwhile, in the MS world, “I” is short for “Interferon.”





I get this know!
I get this now!




The element Boron is “B” in chemistry.


While we with MS know “B” stands for “Betaserone.”






Pretty simple, huh?

Here are some other elements from the Periodic Table and what I believe (not certain though) are the meanings of the element’s symbol to us living with multiple sclerosis


Spot on!
Spot on!




Symbol-   Ac


MS meaning-  What every MSer lives for on a hot day.










Symbol-   Ru


MS meaning-  Short for “You’re not gonna stick that big needle in my arm ARE YOU?”  


Sweating already.
Sweating already.





Symbol-   Pt


MS meaning-   Physical therapy.










Symbol-   Uut


MS meaning-   Sound you make when stretched too far in physical therapy.









Symbol-   Gd


MS meaning-   Abbreviation of what’s said when I stub my toe during a midnight trip to the bathroom.



Speak doggie speak!
Speak doggie speak!





Symbol-   Rf


Meaning-   Sound made by a dog who doesn’t use vowels.










Symbol-   P


MS meaning-   “Don’t remind me or I’ll have to go again.”





Asked a million times.
Asked a million times.





Symbol-   Y


MS meaning-   “Why me?”






I've tried.
I’ve tried.





Symbol-  Po


MS meaning-   “Man, I wish I could go.”





But it was so good.
But it was so good.





Symbol-   Hf


Meaning-   The answer when asked “How much cake did you eat?”




That's crazy!
That’s crazy!





Symbol-   Bh


MS meaning-   Gut reaction at cost of a medication.




How many?
How many?





Symbol-   Ga


MS meaning-   Trying to swallow umpteen Prednisone pills.




C'mon fingers.
C’mon fingers.





Symbol-   Pr


MS meaning-   Setting a record time for buttoning a shirt/blouse.




I'm royalty.
I’m royalty.





Symbol-   Bk


Meaning-   Burger King




Pardon me.
Pardon me.





Symbol-   Yb


Meaning-  What you do after drinking fizzy soda at Burger King.




Not a smart guy.
Not a smart guy.





Symbol-   Ds


Meaning-   My grades.




Big yawn.
Big yawn.





Symbol-   Pm


MS meaning-   The time of day many MSers get drowsy.





And lastly…


Please, I need one.
Please, I need one.





Symbol-   Hg


MS meaning-   Short for “Hug.”  What you need on a bad day.




See?  Who says you can’t learn anything by reading this drivel.

Till next time.












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