Product Placement

Product Placement


Good stuff you don't need.
Good stuff you don’t need.


So many products.  So many choices.

The world is an endless marketplace.

That’s why My Odd Sock is here to help you sort through the good, the bad & the downright silly goods all vying for the dough in your pocketbook.


Let’s go shopping shall we…..


Petzi Remote Treat Cam


Innovation at its worst.
Innovation at its worst.


The Petzi Remote Treat Cam is a unique way to see and speak to your pets through an app while you are away.


The Petzi can even dispense dog treats at your command!


Watch out!
Watch out!



My gut reaction says when Fido figures out this gizmo is filled with treats…this will be the last thing you’ll see before he rips the unit off the wall to get to the goodies inside!




Shower Wow


Like Cirque Du Soleil in my shower!
Like Cirque Du Soleil in my shower!

The Shower Wow is the lighted shower head that has graced this website in the past

Here, I just noticed the disclaimer…”Not available in Colorado & California.”

Why isn’t the Shower Wow sold in these two states?

Both states have legalized marijuana so if anyone wants a psychedelic shower—it’s someone from Colorado & California!

“Wow, man it’s a trip to get clean!”



Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


You've GOT to be kidding!
You’ve GOT to be kidding!


Leave it to the engineers at Dyson to complicate the way you dry your hair.

Introducing a “supersonic hair dryer”…for a mere four hundred dollars!

Are they outta their mind?

If I want “ultra fast drying” I’ll do 45 & stick my head out the window of the ol’ Honda Fit.

Four hundred bucks for a hair dryer?  I think Dyson is smoking the same stuff as the makers of the Shower Wow.



Nioxin Hair Treatment


I'm not lying--check the tape!
I’m not lying–check the tape!



Here’s a bottle of hair treatment named after the 37th President of the United States (or so I believe).




I am not a crook!
I am not a crook!


It’s good to see ex-presidents keeping busy.  Who knew Tricky Dick had such lush hair!




Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper


A brick of TP!
A brick of TP!



Lastly, we have Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper.


I noticed this package in our hallway.




Who knew the need?
Who knew the need?


Cottonelle Clean Care features  a “clean ripple texture designed to clean better.”

Am I wiping with toilet paper or Ruffles potato chips?

Notice everything is trademarked, registered & copyrighted too…like Charmin is gonna steal this “new” technology?


I wonder if the person who came up with the “clean ripple” design was excited to rush home & add that to his or her profile on LinkedIn?

“In 2016, I developed the clean-ripple texture for Cottonelle.”


This package I found contained 45 family-sized rolls of toilet paper.  “Over 10,000 sheets,” it said on the package.

Someone in my family must be anticipating a massive colon-blow!

A Montezuma’s Revenge of epic proportions!


Terrible flood waters this year.
Terrible flood waters this year.




I’m thinking only the folks of the flood zones could have the need for this much toilet paper.



The perfect barrier!
The perfect barrier!






Instead of sand bags, crews could have built dykes of Cottonelle to absorb & contain the flowing water.




Oh well, what do I know.  Enough product placement from me.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and we’ll see you next week!








4 Replies to “Product Placement”

  1. I admit I too use Cottonelle TP, but I hate their commercials. I assume you get the same one, the one with the annoying British lady who goes around asking people about “going commando”, and wanting a “clean bum”. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your so right about the dog treats. The shower head looks like weird water lol. Why do they advertise toilet paper? We will buy it even if we don’t have a flood to soak up lol