My Odd Sock Christmas Wish List

My Odd Sock Christmas Wish List


Dear Santa,

Hope you are well.

I have been a good MSer this year.

Listed below are some things I would like for Christmas……




soap on a ropeSoap-On-A-Rope-   It is amazing how many times the bar of soap slips from my hands during a shower.

I end up kicking the soap with the foot skills of a soccer player to get it into the proper position for me to bend over & pick it up.

My feet get cleaner than the rest of me!



Cane Tip-   Yes, the rubber end of my cane.  I walk so slow, yet the tip of my cane wears out so fast.  What gives?  I need something like a radial tip!  I even rotate it—twisting it around so it wears evenly.  How pathetic!



the cure



The Cure-   Not an MS cure.  “The Cure”, the band.

Seriously, I don’t anticipate a cure in my lifetime, I just hope for the sake of our kids they don’t have to go through what we do!





Velcro Shirt-   Santa, how ’bout a dress shirt with velcro fasteners, instead of buttons!

Cripes, the other day, it took me over 15 minutes to button a dress shirt.  When I was done–my hands & fumble-fingers were friggin exhausted!



“I’m Not Deaf–I Have MS” t-shirt-   Why do people talker louder & slower to me?  I am in a wheelchair–NOT on the short bus!



bowling shoes


Fashionable Bowling Shoes-   Not to bowl in—to walk in!  Some good sliders.  I shuffle when I walk, so bowling shoes would work great! 

Most shoes grip the floor like cleats on a football field.

I end up doing so many face plants, the shine on my head is from floor wax!



Winter-Chill rolling


All-Weather Rollator-   I would love a rollator that comes with a heated seat and anti-lock brakes for winter walking….






…yet, has a beverage cooler for those hot, summer days!





Bed Ejector-   Lately, getting out of bed has been difficult.  With full-body spasms & muscle tightness, I claw & scramble like a bug on its back.  A bed ejector would launch me to my wobbly feet!



top gun


G-Force Toilet Seat-   Exerting downward g-forces would make going potty so much easier!  (And make me feel like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”)  I gotta go, but I can’t…”Maverick, let’s do a barrel roll to get the flow started!”




The Waist-band GPS


Waist-band GPS-   Because you don’t know when—you might as well know where!

Pants with a built-in GPS would tell you where the nearest bathroom is located!

Guaranteed, you’ll never leave home without it!



So Santa, that is what I want for Christmas this year.

Please tell Rudolph and Mrs. Claus I said hi.  Thank you.

Your friend,

My Odd Sock

P.S.  I will leave cookies & milk for you!











10 Replies to “My Odd Sock Christmas Wish List”

  1. That’s a great list! Hee hee. I’m leaving Santa a nice hot chocolate spiked with Bailey’s and a Nanaimo bar, yes…he can be bribed!

  2. Santa can be bribed? I best make out my list quick! I enjoyed your list of really needful things. Last year Santa left me with a pair of metal gripper thingies to slip over my shoes or boots to grip the icey turf. Now you got me thinking bowling shoes with ski poles! I hope you get everything on your list Odd Sock. Be well.

  3. Karen,

    Good stuff! I’m coming to YOUR house!


    Don’t be greedy…Save some for the rest of us MSers!


    I should have asked for a pair of those “metal gripper thingys.”
    Great idea!


    I imagine NASA will be having a clearance sale soon!

  4. Hi……. I really like the idea of a Waist Band GPS… everyone at times could use one of these.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  5. The family and I enjoyed this list. It was a great christmas list to read with them. haha.

  6. This is a needed list of MSers everywhere! The shoes can give you a face plant. Soap on a rope is a great idea! I still hope for a cure even in my lifetime cause of the leaps and bounds they have come in the past 20 years. Well for sure for my kids.

  7. Thank you Doug, I needed this read yhis morning. I just celebrated my 56 th birthday Dec. 1st of which 36 of those years have been with MS. I just read your blogs and smile and say to myself with a smile “he gets me”. Thanks for the posts and Merry Christmas to you! 😊

  8. Joanne,
    Happy birthday! And thanks for your very kind words!

    Ditto. I wish for a cure–NOT for me–but for my children & their children.