Raising Canes

Raising Canes


A true story.
A true story.


Although being “blessed” with multiple sclerosis for over 20 years now, it has only been the last eight or so that I have been leaning on a cane.  

Or ‘canes’ as I now use two.

In the beginning there was the typical public embarrassment.

Getting use to the stares as a seemingly fit man needed canes to walk!

When in reality the “embarrassing shame” I felt was mostly a product of my own thinking.  Others weren’t staring–it was my own imagination.

A better way to look at it was who cares what others think.  If it helps you get out & about–use it!


I was discussing the ins & outs of cane ownership with a friend who recently began using one.

In fact, she said she needed to get a second cane to put in her downstairs family room.  That way she always would have one handy.

Smart lady.  (Must be why she hangs with me!)

I told my friend I have canes everywhere in my home…..


How convenient!
How convenient!




I have basement canes right at the bottom of the stairs.

Easier to use than trying to “wall-walk” when there are no walls!






Forced to occupy the garage!
Forced to occupy the garage!





I have garage canes just outside the back door.


These are the canes I use outdoors.




Merry Ho Ho.
Merry Ho Ho.




And this being the Christmas season, I even have candy canes!


(Hey, sure, it is lame-o humor but it’s free to you so shut up!)






I went on to explain to my friend that a cane can be used for more than just mobility…..



Lights off to save energy (MY energy!)
Lights off to save energy (MY energy!)



A cane is great for saving a step or two when turning off a light switch.


Be careful not to leave marks on the wall.

(Been there done that. Or so my wife tells me.)





C'mere you dang things.
C’mere you dang things.




I use my canes as reachers to hook shoes, a book or the remote.

*Do NOT use to reach for drinks, sandwiches or pizza.





Like a bird leg.
Like a bird leg.





At the end of the day, canes help me stretch my weary legs while watching the boob-tube.








Dude needs a shave!
Dude needs a shave!



And of course a cane’s handle does a dandy job working out muscle kinks in your back & shoulders.







Despite my frequent frustrations of needing canes to stand & shuffle (walk) as I do, I have become comfortable in their presence and even get nervous when they aren’t in arm’s reach.

They’re my canes.  And now they are a part of my life.


How do your mobility aids (if any) enhance your daily living?

Would love to hear your story!

Keep moving my friend.







6 Replies to “Raising Canes”

  1. Good article on your canes. I have one that stays in my car unless I plan on walking some distance. I find myself relying on it too much when I use it so I try to leave it. Haven’t used it at work yet for the “poor guy” factor with coworkers. Most know but don’t want to advertise. Thank god I can work at my desk most of the day or I’d be screwed. Three years away from retirement and not sure I’ll make it but that mortgage keeps reminding me I have to stick it out.

    I’m in the small group of diagnosed in my late 50’s with primary progressive. It’s constant and doesn’t go away. Challenge to deal with but I have a great lady at home for support that keeps me plugging along. If not for her I’d probably be a different statistic. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. Dale,
    Thank you for sharing! Vent away my friend. We’ve all been in the same boat so it is easy to relate to your situation.
    I would use my cane at work to enter & exit–then wall-walk through my day.
    Keep plugging away and keep in touch!

  3. This is exactly how it is with canes. Many uses to save a step. Love the candy canes lol. I used a chair for so long to get me around, dont know how I would do without my chair. So glad I can use rollator walker now, max is 50% of day. Its all a personal battle but keep on plugging along.

  4. Kim,
    That’s right Kim, just keep plugging along. Thank you for your comment. Just think of all the many ways to use a rollator & your chair! How often do you use the seat of a rollator to carry a plate of food to the family room!

  5. Been there done that with the canes. When I “graduated” to a rolling walker, I kept two in my house, one in my car, and one in my office. As you have stated before, the seat can be used for storage, and can carry a plate of food and many other items. When I once again “graduated” to a power chair, I found the need for a “reacher”. I have them hanging on almost every door handle in my house. When I received my new power chair several years ago, I retained my old power chair to use when my new one was “in the shop”. It is amazing how many uses you can get out of the mobility aids, other than the use intended.

  6. Margaret,
    You got that right. We are an inventive lot of gimps! Guess we have to be in order to get around & function in life.
    Thank you for sharing. Always good to hear your side!