Some good.  Some bad.
Some good. Some bad.


A lot of change has occurred in recent days.

A change in seasons.

The weather changed.

Some changed their clocks.

In sports, champions change.

Ranking change. 

Relationships change.

Even last week we had a change in leaders.


And through all this change, one thing remains steadfast—we have our multiple sclerosis.

MS hangs in there like the stubborn SOB it is.

Through thick & thin.  Good times & bad, I can always count on MS to be there as I try to walk to the kitchen.  Or get out of bed.

The tightness.  The weakness.  The fatigue.

MS is there every shuffled-step of the way.


If Multiple Sclerosis isn’t bothered by change, why does change affect our MS?


How many points do I get?
How many points do I get?

Change works hard to throw you off kilter.  Change messes with your system.  Breaks your routine.  All of which unfortunately can dampen your spirit.  Weakening your impulse to fight.

That’s why today it is even more important to put up yor dukes and keep at it.

Move what you can—as much as you can.

Stretch what you can—as far as you can.

Do what makes you feel good (within reason for God’s sake).

And don’t let change get you down.  MS does that enough as it is.

Take a break from news & social media (but not this blog, mind you).

Treat yourself well and your body will respond.

Keep your head up  & look change in the eye.  Keep looking until it glances away.

Change is no match for what you have dealt with since your diagnosis of MS.

Be strong.  Be positive.  Be relentless.


Now help me down from this soapbox before I fall—I’m getting dizzy.



4 Replies to “Change”

  1. Very well said odd sock. It’s all true and appreciate you sharing this. It made my day. Thanks for the smile 😗

  2. I so enjoy the smiles I get when I visit here. Change is so hard to adjust to! You can stay on your soapbox, so true yet entertaining!