MS A TV Show

MS A TV Show


It took 2 people to write this crqp!
It took 2 people to write this crqp!


Time for some fun with multiple sclerosis!

Let’s take a TV show…and add a pinch of MS.

This bit was inspired by Margaret, a long-time My Odd Sock reader & fellow MSer.  She even contributed a few programs of her own!

Ready to play?

Join us as we “MS A TV Show”…..



Everybody Loves Rebif

Big Pharm’s Price is Right

Never thought Sarah J Parker was attractive.
Never thought Sarah J Parker was attractive.

Gonna Leave A Mark Tank

The Big Stem Cell Theory

A Rested Development

Gilligan’s Infusion  (A 3-hour tour)

On TV once a week (like the shot).
On TV once a week (like the shot).

The Good Caregiver

Naked and Afraid To Call For Help

Band of Numbness

Lonesome Dive

A classic!
A classic!

Cognitive Minds (A forgetful crime drama)


Curb Your Emotion

Blackish & Bluish

An MS soap opera.
An MS soap opera.

Better Call Solumedrol

Bindfeld (Comedy about MS constipation)

Wide Awake @Midnight

Barbara Eden...a hottie!
Barbara Eden…a hottie!

American Puckers  (Swallowing a nasty Prednisone)

Monday Night Footdrop

and lastly, the space classic…..

…..Far Trek


Now THAT”S good television!  My DVR will soon be smoking from overuse!

Hope you enjoyed “MS A TV Show.”  Check your guide for program availability.


8 Replies to “MS A TV Show”

  1. Kim,
    Your approval of this piece proves you are as wacky as the rest of us!
    Thank you for your readership & comments!

  2. “I love what you’ve done with the place”. Not only was I surprised and flattered that you used my subject matter, but that you let me share your “by line”! The only show you forgot was ” Law and Order HPO”….. “Handicap Parking Only”. You know I’ll be watching .We make a great team!

  3. Matt,

    Love that show! Comes on right after “Mayberry AFO.”
    Thank you for reading & your funny comment!