Super Slo-Mo

Super Slo-Mo

Read slowly!
Read slowly!


Things are moving slowly these days.

Especially when you include my feet.

It feels as though I am moving through molasses.  Like the world is covered with the scratchy side of velcro–and my feet are soft & fuzzy.  (They truly ARE soft & fuzzy.)



Foot drop in both tootsies doesn’t help matters.

It just makes each perilous step that much slower & tentative.

I guess that is part of the deal when you have multiple sclerosis.


The sight matches the smell!
The sight matches the smell!


I’ve tried everything to pick up my speed in the past few weeks….changing my exercise routine, stretching more, even shoes!

Pictured here are my old-dog, well-worn “sliders.”

You know “sliders,” the shoes with the worn-down soles that glide easier over carpet & rough surfaces?

Every MSer has a certain go-to pair.


Well, not even “sliders” made a difference in my slow, plodding gait.


My super slo-mo foot speed made its point last week at my Mom’s house.


Shine bright, sorta.
Shine bright, sorta.


She has a motion-activated light attached to the garage that lights the walk-way to the house.

I moved so slowly, I couldn’t even activate the motion sensor!

I had to wave my canes in the air to get the light to come on.



Tread lightly.
Tread lightly.



My brother said I was being “stealth.”

Like an elite force in the military.

I replied…”Yeah, I’m stealth—and you’re an ass!”



A recent doctors appointment recorded my 25ft walking speed at 25 seconds.  (Slower than my last visit)  Twenty-five seconds!

I cursed & huffed under my breath at the result.

They could have used a sundial for cryin out loud!


Winner by an antenna!
Winner by an antenna!


Yesterday morning I was getting the paper when I noticed this slug slithering across the ground.

I began to wonder if I could beat a slug in a race?




Cripes, beat again!
Cripes, beat again!



Being so slow there’s no way I could beat a sloth…..








Winner winner chicken dinner!
Winner winner chicken dinner!


…Or Congress?

Oh hell no.  Let’s not get carried away–nothing moves that slow.


Even the slowest MSer moves faster than Congress!




I guess I’ll just keep trying.  Keep moving.  Keep plugging along.

Maybe the cooler temps of fall will bring me back.  Let’s hope so, as I can’t be the only one out there moving in super slo-mo.



P.S.  I have tried Ampyra to no avail.  Oh well.









6 Replies to “Super Slo-Mo”

  1. I so feel you oddsock. I’ve been moving slower than anything these days also. I’m having trouble walking with my walker, it takes every drop of strength to get from A to B. Weather, stress and tired of exhausting so much energy to do the smallest things, just plays hell on your physical and mental well being. Some days I just sit and say forget it and just rest. I used to be a nurse for 25 years and it’s difficult being the patient instead of the caregiver. I’m going on my 36 th year with MS. I will get through this too, We have to. Hope you feel better soon oddsock. I’ll pray for you as well as myself. Later!

  2. Have no doubt that you could beat me handily in a race on any surface.
    I always feel that I am in the way and cannot seem to accelerate no matter how I try.
    Odd how annoying it is, considering all the other candidates for aggravation of the day.
    Keep looking for the humor – we need it.

  3. If I moved any slower, I would be standing still, and I get around in a power wheelchair. I set all my clocks 3 minutes early just to stay on schedule. #mssucks

  4. Do you have a brace/AFO – orthotics to keep your feet from flopping? Having one kept me walking with less effort and much longer. Spasticity pulled my knees together so I could no longer get one leg Passed the other. I didn’t figure out the problem or solution until after I had given up my legs for wheels. Don’t give up being on your feet until you are forced to – walk as long as you can, no matter how slow. Try to figure out if there might be a solution. If I had someone watch me walk or known about Botox back then, perhaps I could have prolonged the time upright which is invaluable.

    Walk and/or stand as much as you can for as long ass you can. Problem solve, ask for help

  5. By the way, amputations didn’t do much for my walking, but makes me think faster- so much improved that I sure hope insurance doesn’t cut me off from the pricey pills. Early on i asked doc if he thought I was nuts and his reply was that studies were being done to show that impact. I’m grateful for whatever helps.