MS and the Makeup Mirror

MS and the Makeup Mirror


What do ya mean?
What do ya mean?


MS and the makeup mirror?

What on Earth does a makeup mirror have to do with multiple sclerosis?

Now before you think My Odd Sock has blown a hole in the toe, let me explain.


It’s no surprise to someone when I tell them I have MS.

Outfitted with canes, a wheelchair, hand-controls & an AFO, it is easy to assume I either have MS or an affinity for Iron Man/Inspector Gadget (your choice).




Handsome in regular size!
Handsome in regular size!


A look in the mirror reflects my stooped posture, tired eyes and sloth-like gait.


As a fellow MSer you may cast a similiar image.

Maybe yours with crutches…a rollator…or scooter.

We are all slightly different—but we’re still pretty much the same MS through & through.



OK Sock, what does this have to do with a makeup mirror?


Well, flip the mirror over to the magnified side and we can take a closer look at the MS symptoms that aren’t so noticeable…


Yikes! A real closeup!
Yikes! A real closeup!

Look deep into the closeup mirror and you’ll see our draggy fatigue.

Searing pain and sleep problems.

Sorry if we forgot your big news—our cognitive function struggles like riding a bike uphill.

There’s spirit-crushing depression.

Balance/coordination issues.

And if we don’t end this soon, our bladders may let loose without warning.



So when you tell us…”But you look so good”…make sure you flip the mirror over to look at the magnified side of our multiple sclerosis.

Not quite as attractive, is it?

Tell me what you see in your mirror.






6 Replies to “MS and the Makeup Mirror”

  1. Coincidentally, I did look in a magnified mirror this past week. And you want to know what I saw in MY mirror? A pimple I did not know I had! 🙂

  2. You are so right! It is invisible for awhile but the magnified part on me would be the hidden burning hips as I set, or lay on couch.
    ps. You are so talented what you can do with a sock, 8x lol

  3. Kim,
    Interesting…never heard of that problem. MS is so weird.
    Thank you for reading & commenting.

  4. There’s so much to choose from! I’d start with spasticity, tilt the mirror to see the pain from sitting ALL of the time and finish with the frustration in moving through an obstacle course everywhere I turn. Now let me flip that thing back around and pretend everything is great.