My Odd Sock: Shopaholic

My Odd Sock: Shopaholic


Buy Buy Buy!
Buy Buy Buy!


A few among us may describe themselves as a “shopaholic.”

Though I am not a shopaholic per se, I AM addicted to scanning the ads to find items & advertising that are well beyond ridiculous.

Here are a few of my “must-have-NOTS”…..



Did you step in something?
Did you step in something?


Note to retailers & branding specialists:

Do not include the word “poo” in a product name.

“Poo” is short for something we all know is not pleasing to the nose.

Person #1-  (Sniff sniff)..”What’s that smell?”

Person #2-  “It’s a new fragrance…Poo-Pourri.”

Person #1-  (Gagging)..Smells like sh**!  I’m goin out for some fresh air!”

Announcer-  “Poo-Pourri…clearing the room of odors & everyone else.”


Need another example?


Move over Blistex, there’s a new player in town…..

Another bright idea.
Another bright idea.


How about some “Chicken Poop Lip Balm?”

Yeah, I wish I was making this up.  How stupid a name!


It claims to be “Made with natural oils.”

Hmm, let’s hope the “natural oils” aren’t from the business end of a chicken.

Be sure to get your balm today because with a name like this the company won’t be in business very long!



Lots of retailers are having big sales on fitness apparel.


Can you try a little harder?
Can you try a little harder?


In this picture, Kohl’s hired a unenthused model to strike his most unathletic pose.


Is is working out or standing in line at the DMV?

Looks like he’s channeling his inner flamingo.

Or warming up for a one-legged ass-kicking contest.



What’s next…..


Beast?  Try again.
Beast? Try again.



Also from Kohl’s is this young athlete.

Wearing a “Beast” t-shirt…..and leggings!


C’mon man, you can’t be a beast…in tights.


Toughen up, Nancy.


Take it with you, fatty.
Take it with you, fatty.


Here’s a product we don’t need.

A “Portable” digital bathroom scale.


How many times have you been out with friends and wished ou had a portable scale to show’em how heavy you are?

Take it to the carnival & prove the weight-guesser wrong!



Thanks CVS for telling me when to eat!
Thanks CVS for telling me when to eat!



Your local CVS Pharmacy checks in with a clever ad about “Daypart Snacking.”


CVS offers healthful snacks as well as time of day reminders of when to enjoy the nutritious bits.



Now we're talking!
Now we’re talking!



Fortunately…on the opposite page, CVS saves us with sweet treats to eat the rest of the day!


ALWAYS the perfect time to cram Skittles & a KitKat bar down the pie hole!


What’s next…..



Dreaming to make balloon animals.
Dreaming to make balloon animals.


Who doesn’t need self-tying water balloons!


You know, I’m thinking if you can’t tie a balloon…maybe you should leave the water for another day. 

Just too dangerous.



Look around--your friends are making fun of you!
Look around–your friends are making fun of you!




Virtual reality is all the rage these days.

And now, you can join the ranks with this high-tech virtual reality viewer for less than a fiver!


Walk around with this on your mug to prove to your friends just how gullible you are.

Even the people playing Pokemon Go will think you look ridiculous.



Well my fellow shoppers, my fingers are covered with newsprint ink so it’s time to park this shopping cart & call it a day.  Guess I didn’t need that stolen credit card after all.







4 Replies to “My Odd Sock: Shopaholic”

  1. What I want to know, is why “111” water balloons? Wouldn’t “100” make more sense? The number “111” seems so random to me, that maybe it was a misprint, and maybe the ad should have read “100” water balloons. I remember making water balloons as a child. Kids have it too easy these days.

  2. Margaret,
    I wondered about that as well. Not much gets past you!
    Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Readers,
    I’m pretty sure the comment below says how funny & engaging My Odd Sock is.