This & That

This & That



You have been warned.
You have been warned.




Welcome to “This & That.”


It’s the only uninspired name I could come up with to describe a blog post of disjointed, leftover ideas & pictures.



Shall we get started?…..




$600 a dose now!
$600 a dose now!




With all the uproar these days in current events of a similiar product, I thought it was wise to demonstrate the proper use of an EpiPez.






Trusted all right.
Trusted all right.


Don’t you love businesses who make claims like this?


To me it says…”Beyond ’31—you’re on your own.”


“Screw you–you should be dead.”


(Geez Sock, don’t take things so literal!)



Say it like you mean it.
Say it like you mean it.


Here’s a recent front page of my local paper.


Yeah, just throw out the journalistic, news gathering and give me more coupons!


If only TV would be so bold to come out and say…”Now with more commercials!”




It's my work car.
It’s my work car.


Saw this the other day.


Thought it would be cool to own this as a second car!

A fire truck would save time running errands because you never have to stop for the lights!


Great horn too!




Gee thanks.
Gee thanks.




So excited to get a new membership card in the mail.


Guess I have MS for another friggin year now.





Finally, who doesn’t love a little soft porn as I reveal my intimate summer tan lines…..


Hobbitt feet.
Hobbitt feet.


Below the ankle bone…Mee-ow!


Must have used SPF300 on those feet.

Those toosies haven’t seen the light of day since 1974.

I could grow mushrooms between the toes.




There, I warned you this would be a hodge-podge mess.

Hope you are happy.

Have a tremendous weekend.





2 Replies to “This & That”

  1. I am also a card carrying MSer. Is it only me that was bothered by the fact that they chose a “runner” to be pictured on the front of the card?

  2. Good eye, Margaret! That is kinda funny-strange. Maybe we’re doin something wrong!
    Always look forward to your comments. Thank you.