National Take Your Dog To Work Day

National Take Your Dog To Work Day


A Dog Day
A Dog Day


Friday was National Take Your Dog To Work Day all across this great land.

A celebrated day when we share the love of our pooches with co-workers, customers & clients.

A welcomed day, right?

Not so my fellow canine lovers.

For there were numerous reports of National Take Your Dog To Work Day gone wrong.

Terribly wrong.



Felix, the ball chaser
Felix, the ball chaser



Suzanne Wilson, a tennis pro at Squire Hills Country Club in New York, said “I couldn’t get a damn thing done all day.  My dog, Felix, would snag the ball before my students could hit them.  How could I give tennis lessons with that going on?”

Wilson admitted she later had Felix put down during her lunch break.

“The lessons went way better after that” she added.





Zac Boggins, dog killer
Zac Boggins, dog killer



Zac Boggins, a concessions worker from Denver had similar problems with his dog, Maggie, a Retriever.

“Every time I tossed a hot dog to a customer, Maggie would bust-ass to get it back from the person.  It was ugly.  I was losing business.  So I had her put down during the 7th inning stretch.”

“National Take Your Dog To Work Day is a bad idea in my mind” said Boggins.






Is that an elm or an oak?
Is that an elm or an oak?



Gene Petro, a tree trimmer from Memphis and Debbie Bossler, a fireman in Cleveland, both agreed taking their dogs to work was a bad idea.



I ain't touching that!
I ain’t touching that!


Petro said “We all know how much dogs love trees.”


While Bossler added her take “What fireman wants to touch a hydrant that some dog has whizzed on?”

“That’s gross” she said.



Petro and Bossler commented how their dogs were interfering with their work and thus both had their pets put down.



Measuring an inseam.
Measuring an inseam.


Meanwhile, Lisa Long from Portland, Oregon, had a similar experience taking her dog, Urie, to her job as a seamstress.

“It was embarrassing when Urie would sniff the crotches of customers” she said.

One customer commented “I just thought Lisa’s dog was going for a tailored fit.”

Another said “The dog’s cold nose caught me by surprise.”

Long noted her day was “problem-free” after she had Urie put down.


After reading these sad accounts, we can only hope organizer’s of next year’s National Take Your Dog To Work Day will rethink their plans.

This has been My Odd Sock reporting.


*Note:  No dogs were put down in the writing of this post.



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  1. Cute, I thought maybe you were getting to the punchline like, after taking me to work ” they put me down because I kept falling down and wetting myself” Lol