It’s A Given: Slice of Life Truthisms of MS (and beyond)

It’s A Given: Slice of Life Truthisms of MS (and beyond)


Any truth here?
Any truth here?


It’s a given.

They are bound to happen.

You have thought about them.  I’m just the one dumb enough to write them down!


They are the everyday occurrences, situations & nuances of living with multiple sclerosis.

Some are true.  Most are downright silly.  Heck, there are several that have nothing to do with MS at all!


See if you can relate with any.  I’m sure you will.  It’s a given.


The day is hottest when you have the most to do.


Your nose itches most during an MRI.


A leg will spasm at the moment of injection.


Paper never tears at the perforation.


You WILL drop the soap.


The refrigerator light goes out by closing the door….you think.


Their name will come to you when they walk away.


You will be settled in the car when you realize you have to pee.


A phone will ring when you are farthest away.


Many who wear revealing clothes…shouldn’t.


Auto prescription refills are delivered when you still have lots left.


Your glasses are on the table across the room.


Panic ensues when the remote is MIA.


The thing you forgot was the whole purpose of your trip.


“Easy Open” never truly is.


Your check-out line moves the slowest.


You are not sure how your scraped your elbow.


Someone always knows someone who’s aunt has MS.


A shower chair is, at times, the most welcomed seat in the house.


and finally,


The one who gives the most medical advice isn’t a doctor, nor has MS.


Not a day passes without you experiencing something so ridiculous all you can do is shake your head, shrug the shoulders and throw your hands up in absurd surrender.

It’s a given because they are slice of life truthisms.  May your day be true.






7 Replies to “It’s A Given: Slice of Life Truthisms of MS (and beyond)”

  1. Such truth to these truthisms! Love it… Well, I don’t love it actually, some of them are a major pain in the butt. But I love that you wrote them down!

  2. Lol these are so true! and so funny but they always happen, like drop the soap, lose the remote. Why does leg spasm when taking a shot? mine did always You have the funniest blog!

  3. Joanne,
    No, thank YOU!

    That’s a good one…Print it!

    Thank you for the kind words, but “funniest blog?” Time for your medication, I believe.