Energy: How Much Is In Your Tank?

Energy: How Much Is In Your Tank?


Do you have enough?
Do you have enough?


Those of us with multiple sclerosis are always concerned with our energy.


Do I have enough?

How can I get more?

Should I rest now?

Will I need it later?



Despite the dozen or so symptoms/side effects of MS, lack of energy & fatigue are probably the most common (and most complained about!)


To help those without MS better understand what those of us with MS face each day, I thought I would put energy in terms everyone can relate to…..the gas gauge.




Start the day

After a good night’s rest & the nutritious breakfast every cartoon cereal spokesperson recommends, our energy levels look like this…..


Ready to roll!
Ready to roll!
Not so ready to roll.
Not so ready to roll.










Hmm, notice any diff?

The healthy person kicks off the day at pert-near a full tank.

Meanwhile, an MSer generally begins a day with little more than a half tank of energy.





Phew, time for a break!


Ready for a break!
Ready for a break!



After a while (and much sooner for the MSer), energy has dropped for both folks to about the same level.


So it’s time to take a breather!







Let’s Go Again


Ready, get set, go!
Ready, get set, go!
Rested.  But not much.
Rested. But not much.










With a short rest under our belts, we should be good to go, right?


A healthy person has restored their energy level greatly when compared to the small returns rest brings to the MSer.





End Of The Day


Time to put the feet up!
Time to put the feet up!
Which way is up?
Which way is up?










The end of the day shows another drastic difference.

A healthy person has lasted all day to finish with just under a half-tank.

While the MSer, gassed & spent all evening long, finishes way below “E”.





The energy difference can be explained simple as this:

An MSer is driving a big, lunky 4WD Hummer, while someone without MS is tooling around in a frisky, hybrid Prius.

It’s true, MSer’s have piss-poor fuel efficiency, while non-MSer’s have numbers that make the EPA grin like a proud papa.

So MSer’s, how much is in your tank?






6 Replies to “Energy: How Much Is In Your Tank?”

  1. My tank has been on empty for the last 6 years! After living with MS 15 years, a major exacerbation put a hole in my gas tank.I go to bed tired, wake up tired, did I tell you I’m tired? #mssucks

  2. Margaret,
    Thanks for your comment. I understand completzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Susan,
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    Don’t forget your parting gift before you X out!

  4. Sally,
    Thank you very much!
    You should be able to share on facebook. I post links on the My Odd Sock Facebook page. Check it out. Otherwise, I need to fire my webmaster. (That’s me, so I’ll need several months of severance pay)