My Odd Sock’s MS Life Hacks

My Odd Sock’s MS Life Hacks



What a hack!
What a hack!


Life Hacks are everywhere on the web.

Are you familiar with them?


I always thought a “life hack” was the nick-name given to me by a high school counselor talking about my future.

But since then I’ve learned “life hacks” are simple tips & techniques that help us manage time and daily activities in a more efficient way.  (And who couldn’t use a life hack or two to help with our MS!)



That’s why My Odd Sock is (not so) proud to offer you these five MS-inspired life hacks.




Can I have a wine spritzer?
Can I have a wine spritzer?


Drink Up


During summer’s heat & humidity, it is important to stay hydrated.


So keep your favorite beverages chilled and close-at-hand by using your rollator’s basket as a cooler.


It’s an easy way to beat the heat!



I need more egg.
I need more egg.

Rollin Rollin Rollin


With MS, you are certain to have sore, achy muscles.  

But relief is as close as the rolling pin in your kitchen!

That’s right, use a rolling pin to soothe tired legs & calves.

Or roll up & down your back to melt away tension.


Best of all you don’t even need to use flour—unless you’re into that sorta thing!




Sounds like a Harley!
Sounds like a Harley!

Hear Me Roar


Tired of sneaking up on people when using a wheelchair?

Fed up getting run over in the stores when others don’t know you’re there?

Put a couple of playing cards in the spokes of your wheelchair to roar through the store!

You did it to your bike as a kid, so why not “deck” out your chair as an adult.

They’ll hear you coming now!



Softer landings!
Softer landings!

Falling Softly


Falling can be a common problem with multiple sclerosis.

But now you can fall…and bounce right back up again!

Living in a bounce house has become a viable option to those with MS & many other health conditions where balance is sometimes compromised.

Visit a neighborhood festival for a bounce house near you.

Falling has never been this fun!



Where's my coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond?
Where’s my coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond?

Stick It


Finally, here’s a practical way to reuse your overwhelming supply of old syringes.

Why not use them to replace those tiny, hard-to-handle push pins.

Syringes are a great way to display coupons, recipes, pictures and other important stuff.


I hope I’ve made my point with this convenient life hack!



OK, maybe My Odd Sock’s Life Hacks aren’t really that practical.

But here are two great sources of MS-related life hacks you can use right now!


“Seven Summertime MS Life Hacks”



“Six Everyday MS Life Hacks”