The Two-Hour Nap

The Two-Hour Nap


Me snoozing away.
Me snoozing away.


I sat straight-up right.  Twisted my head to squint at the clock on the VCR.

There I couldn’t believe my eyes.  No, it wasn’t the fact that we still owned a VCR…but that the clock said it was 11:24am.

I had been asleep for TWO HOURS!

I took a two-hour nap BEFORE 12 noon.  WTF!


Why was that so troubling you ask?




MS at the slumber party.
MS at the slumber party.


Because while everyone else in my family was busy at work & school, being productive, I was the lone invitee (and guest of honor) to a slumber party.

While the rest of my family was busting their butts, I was lying flat on mine, reading the inside of my eyelids.

And I squarely place the blame on MS.


Multiple sclerosis has not only stolen my ability to move, but now it is chipping away at my energy—and making me feel bad about restoring my reserves.


You rat bastard MS!


The Funny Meter.  Lovely.
The Funny Meter. Lovely.


Oh geez.

Figured it was about time for the Funny Meter to appear.

Leave me alone.

Don’t you have an Adam Sandler movie to rate?

Better yet, why not ride your Segway over to the MultiPlex to check out “Mall Cop 2.”

That should blow your circuit board!


Pardon but now where was I?

Oh yeah.  My point is MS-related fatigue is bound to happen.  And your job as an MSer is to accept the new limitations while not letting it weaken your own self-worth.

(Yep, it is easier said than done, I know!)

You are still the same high-energy parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, co-worker and person you always were—it just takes you longer to complete the task.  And you may need some rest, even a nap to tide you over.

But it’s OK.





3 Replies to “The Two-Hour Nap”

  1. Having ms for 35 years, still can’t wrap my head around this….. it wears you down!

  2. I’ve had MS for nearly 33 years and I thought your punch line was going to read something like … my MS moment came in March when I turned the clocks back instead of forward and ended up just now realizing that I had taken a four hour nap!

    Of course, it makes no sense (not that I haven’t partaken of such naps myself – ahem) that no one else would have noticed your error.

    I still have a VCR, too. What better to play all of our classic VHS tapes on. I watch TV and movies for free on my computer using or

    If you have a problem e-mail me and I’ll have my husband get back to you.

  3. Even if fatigue isn’t an overwhelming symptom of MS, the side effects of medication taken can zap energy as well. Some are hit with both barrels. I suppose it forces us to make the most of our time awake.