Dumb Ads

Dumb Ads


If it's dumb, you'll find it here.
If it’s dumb, you’ll find it here.



At My Odd Sock, we live for the silly.

We loathe for the ridiculous.

And when it comes to advertising, we consumers get more than our bloated share of the stupid.

But that’s why I’m here (you can thank me later), to point out the absurd, snicker at the amusing and gag at the ludicrious.


Here are a couple of gems I found recently…..



Suck in that gut, fella!
Suck in that gut, fella!


Kohl’s Department Store has this handsome guy all decked out!

Too bad his Haggar sport coat looks three sizes too small.


But it’s a “tailored look”.  Yeah, tailored for a pre-puberty adolescent!


Guy:  “I don’t know what happened–it used to fit!  Maybe I shouldn’t have had Chipotle before the shoot!”


Geez, unbutton the button, dude.  You’ll be able to breathe then!



*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Lastly, Dollar General dresses all the radical extremists of the world…..


They have your style!
They have your style!


Yes, it’s camo styles for the entire family!

Honestly, I didn’t know camo was considered a “style.”

Men, ladies, boys & girls—the radical family that camos together disappears from society together!

And thank goodness Dollar General adds the disclaimer “Excludes Sunglasses and Straw Hats.”

Because we wouldn’t want the fanatical, hard-line, zealot family to blend in with the crowd!



So you see, dumb ads are everywhere around us.  You simply must take a good look and soak them in.

I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled to share any goofy stuff and I encourage you to do the same.

Happy shopping.





2 Replies to “Dumb Ads”

  1. I’m not so sure the suit coat isn’t part of the latest fashion trend along with skinny jeans. From baggy (too large) everything to tight (too small) everything. Guess clothes that fit are out of style, but let’s stick with our era anyway.

    Oh my goodness, there are even coaches, chairs, bedding and more available in camouflage. It’s ridiculous. I suppose that’s why hunters have to wear neon orange.

  2. oops, my previous post should read coUches.

    And I thought after I posted that that the next great invention should be a camouflage gun for the hunter.