You got the beat?
You got the beat?


It’s time to jam with My Odd Sock’s “MS-A-Band.”

What’s that?

“MS-A-Band” is where we inject, err sorry, I mean infuse, eh no better, I meant add some multiple sclerosis to our favorite bands, singers & musical artists.



A fun, mash-up of music and MS.  A tingly DX of solos and brain scans!


Let’s boogie as we “MS-A-Band”…..


Where’s Elton’s John


Mariah Carey-Me


Bay City Rollators


Too Crowded House



Where's Billy Raye?
Where’s Billy Raye?




Myelin Cyrus (pictured)


Stevie Wonder Drug


Legs Heavy As Led Zeppelin


Great White Brain Matter


The Notorious M.R.I.


Legs In Quiet Riot


Fall Down Boy


the rapper, LM-AFO


George Can’t Walk Strait


Where's the button?
Where’s the button?


The Handicap Doors


Run D.M.D.


Stepped In Dog-Foo Fighters


Reba MyEntire Body Is Numb


Donna Summer’s Too Hot


Dire Gaits


Metallica Taste In My Mouth


Scary looking AND haggard.
Scary looking AND haggard.


Merle I Feel Haggard


Gotta Wiz Again Khalifa


Tears For MS Fears


and finally,

Bruised Deep Purple



Got a favorite MS band you would like added to the playlist?

Please share with a comment.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll enjoy some blues with “Fell In Muddy Waters.”









5 Replies to “MS-A-Band”

  1. Mary,
    Thank you much! Don’t worry I can relate, I am the king of drawing a blank.

  2. Did you remember Tammy Why-net? Reba Mac-In- Tire? No they don’t have much to do with MS but I’m trying to get in the groove. Great list, thanks for the smile!

  3. I’m not as clever so can’t contribute, but I sure enjoyed this. It’s good and healthy to laugh. You’re good medicine Sock!