War On Spasticity

War On Spasticity


What the?
What the?


The picture on your left is :


A-  A medieval torture chamber.

B-  Devices of a Dominatrix.

C-  Things I use to battle spasticity.




Although there may be some truth to both answers A and B, my intention was for you to choose answer C.  

Because C includes many of the weapons I use in my war on spasticity.


War is hell.
War is hell.



I call it a “war on spasticity for the reason of its never-ending vengeance.

Spasticity never gives up no matter how much stretching, exercise and Baclofen thrown at it!


Spasticity is the ISIS of my multiple sclerosis.  Hard to contain and difficult to control, spasticity flares up without regard.


Do too much?  Spasticity is there to say you over did it.

Sit too long?  Spasticity spasms make it difficult to stand.




My gams have splinters.
My gams have splinters.



Some days I feel as though I am walking with two x fours as legs.  (Thankful I am walking!)

(Please excuse my embarrassing cankles!)




My arsenal in the war on spasticity includes:


Upside-down fun.
Upside-down fun.



An inversion table.

Used before bedtime, it helps ease restless leg quivers.

It is also a good way to drain fluid from weary legs and relax an aching back.





Looks kinky to me.
Looks kinky to me.



My PRECORE stretching machine is a nice, easy way to stretch one’s entire body.


I use it before getting on the inversion table during my my pre-sleep ritual.

(Brushing & flossing are also beddy-bye habits.)




Splints, bands & belts oh my!
Splints, bands & belts oh my!


Plus, here’s my assortment of stretching bands, physical therapy belt, foam roller, Dyna-Splint (for foot drop), sprinter’s stick (to roll over tight muscles) and a calf stretch thingy whatchamacallit.



Truth is, you don’t need all this stuff to ease your spasticity.  This is just all I have collected in my 18 years of slaying the MS monster.

Although I would recommend a foam roller & belt to do simple floor(or chair) stretches.  And a sprinter’s stick is divine to use yourself or if you are lucky to have someone roll it for you!

These items are inexpensive and easy to find online or at any sporting goods store.


Well I’ve been sitting here way too long.  Time to get up and move….

Aaaaaagggghh, God!

Tell me how YOU do battle with spasticity in a comment.  We’re all in this war together!

Man, sometimes I think it would be easier with a Dominatrix.


3 Replies to “War On Spasticity”

  1. Hey! It’s good to see you back. It’s been a while. You may be missing some of the fun with tremors. Being a lazy old fart, I often get out of my wheelchair and sit in a recliner. Our cat realizes my lap was invented to be her bed. When my legs begin jumping from sitting to long, the cat’s antics are hilarious. What seems to somewhat keep my tremors at bay is that twice a day for about 15 minutes I go to our exercize room and use the Nu-step. I have very little strength or use of my legs but with this device I can keep the motion going with my arms.

  2. Bob,
    At least your leg tremors are giving your cat some exercise!
    Way to go with your Nu-step. I’m not familiar with that unit, but keep doing it. Every little bit helps!
    Appreciate your comment…even if you’re a “lazy old fart.”

  3. Good article, Doug
    “Precore” stretch, eh? Have to check that out. Nu-step is a cool product. But$$$ and needs lots of room. You ever try a standing frame, like “easy stand” or models from prime engineering?