World’s Worst Classified

World’s Worst Classified


I found this classified ad in the local paper.

Now if I could only figure out what it’s for…..


Sure, I got one to sell!
Sure, I got one to sell!


What?  What are you paying $325 bucks for?

Maybe you or I have what this person wants.

Heck, we may have several of them to sell!

Whatever it is, we’ll be getting the best price!


Lemme guess, you want to buy a canoe?  Extension ladder?  Toenails?  Atom splitter?  Zebra hide?  Lava lamp?  Piccolo?  Dryer lint?

Gotta be more specific buddy.

If YOU have any idea what this ad is buying..or have a guess, let me know with a comment and we’ll go halfsies on what we make!

In the meantime I’ll keep guessing…Car parts?  Bobby pins?  Dresser drawers?


3 Replies to “World’s Worst Classified”

  1. Dogs, clothes, side of beef, a newborn baby? ??? What the heck, people are so scatter brained!

  2. My guess is “junk vehicles” (which I have none 🙁 ) Did you call the number to see what they want?

  3. Margaret,
    Good guess. No, I did not call the number.

    Excellent guesses. A side of beef for $325? That may be a good deal!

    Thank you both for your comments!