MS Dos And Don’ts

MS Dos And Don’ts



Rules to live by.
Rules to live by.



Having multiple sclerosis isn’t difficult if you simply use a little common sense.


To give you some healthy guidelines, My Odd Sock has created the list of “MS Dos And Don’ts.”


Let’s get busy, shall we…..




Don't stray too far!
Don’t stray too far!



DO be aware of your bladder.  Accidents happen.


DON’T tether yourself to the toilet.






Have you seen my shirt?
Have you seen my shirt?



DO remain active.  Exercise is important in the fight against MS.


DON’T use the exercise bike as a laundry rack.




The doctor is busy now.
The doctor is busy now.




DO make a point to be on time for doctors appointments.


DON’T make the doctor late for his 3:15 tee time.







Pleasure doin business with you!
Pleasure doin business with you!



DO get a disabled parking placard for shopping convenience.


DON’T sell your placard on the black market.






Phew, I'm cooler now.
Phew, I’m cooler now.



DO wear a cooling vest during Summer’s warmer temperatures.


DON’T try to stay comfortable wearing less clothing.





Gotta pee now.
Gotta pee now.



DO keep your body hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.


DON’T drink it all at once.





That's a triple 18.
That’s a triple 18.



DO participate in an approved disease modifying treatment program.


DON’T use the syringes for a game of darts.





Have any croutons?
Have any croutons?



DO be aware of MS-related leg tremors.  Alert your doctor of any changes.


DON’T rely on your leg tremors at dinner to shake the bottle of salad dressing.




Can I have a wine spritzer?
Can I have a wine spritzer?



DO keep important items like hand disinfectant & tissues in the basket of a rollator.


DON’T use the rollator basket to chill your adult beverages.




It's an uphill climb, but you got this!
It’s an uphill climb, but you got this!



Finally, DO remain positive.  Stay active & engaged.


DON’T give up and don’t withdraw.  You are bigger than the MS we fight.



Keep moving.





4 Replies to “MS Dos And Don’ts”

  1. Great post. Defininitley MS related but I think relatable to middle agers too. Its bound to happen to us all?, unfortunately us MS’ers will probably lose first : ( Just remember no matter what; be thankful for the “small” things!!!

  2. Kerri,
    Sorry but I had to laugh at your question of the sock standing up.
    To answer you…medication. Lots & lots of medication!

    Thanks to you & Yvonne for your comments!