Roll Model

Roll Model

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The one you look toward for inspiration.

The one who motivates you to be your best.

The one who encourages you to reach further…to face adversity…to be tenacious in perseverance.




It’s your role model!


Is there such an individual in your life?  Someone who actively challenges you to face multiple sclerosis and give it the ol’ one-two beat down?

We were discussing this during a recent MS Group meeting.  We came to the consensus that there are no true MS roll models.

(This is not a type-o.  I titled this piece “Roll Model” since so many of us use wheelchairs, scooters & rollators to get our groove on!)

We also agreed that the MS role models presented to us in the media, big pharm advertisements, even the MS Society itself, are a bit far-fetched.

I haven’t believed in Santa Claus since I was seven-years-old—so how can I believe a person with MS can get “pumped-up” to run a marathon?  (Although I feel as though I’m running a marathon when I have a full bladder and I am ten steps from the bathroom!)


downhill skiingRunners, competitive cyclists, downhill skiers, surfers…Eh, at this point show me an MSer who can maneuver a rollator through a crowded Kohl’s store and you’ve got my attention!

Montel Williams skiing down a Colorado mountain?  Pleeease.  How are we to relate to that?  I barely have the balance to sit on a bean-bag chair!  I flop sideways putting on my socks…how am I suppose to ski the powder of Snowshoe?


Therefore, we are forced to be our own role models.  To do what we do…to make it through the week, the day and the hour.

We know what’s best for us.  And what works for you probably won’t work for the next person.

Who do you look up to?


Each of us are different so the best we can do is to offer others a comforting squeeze of the arm and a “hang in there, mate.”

To me, that type of reassurance is ten times more motivating than an MSer who catches waves on a surfboard!




Role model?  Heck no, not for me.  I’m just doing what I gotta do.  Sure I may grumble & growl at times…and say “I’m sick of this crap!”  But come tomorrow I’ll be back at it.

It’s the same story for you.  You’ll do it because you have to (kicking & fussing in your mind only)!

Here’s to YOUR role model…, yourself.

Now go be outstanding!


6 Replies to “Roll Model”

  1. I actually think some public figures that act as role models for MS are quite damaging to many of us that have MS. Gee, if Montel can ski, and so and so can run marathons, why can’t you? They don’t inspire me at all.

  2. Me, I like starch and a good Parker house roll is my roll model or just about any good baked roll will do.

    I am sure you have seen that no one in the Avonex, Beta or Copaxone advertisements ever seems to be a decade or more into their MS careers.

  3. That was sooo good AND down right true! Sometimes I forget to think of my way in this manner, but indeed I deserve to do just that.

  4. Michael J. Fox a role model for Parkinsons, and Marlee Matlin for the hearing impaired, I get it. But when I see Montel, who like me has MS, I don’t get it. I see him walk across the stage, and watch his actions when he is speaking, and I don’t doubt he has MS, but he never looks like he has MS. Those of us who have MS are all different,and I agree, we are our own role model, and have to keep on keeping on. When ever I see Montel, I alway think, “why can’t I do that”.:(

  5. All of those advertisements have hurt my reputation with past friends and co-workers that just don’t understand. They see those lovely stories that are presented and just assume that’s how I should be. It’s those loads of crap ads that drive me up a wall, and the very reason that I no longer keep in touch with most of those so-called friends I had. I’m sick of having to repeat why my situation is different…and how none of us have the exact same progression at the exact same time.

    Thanks Sock for posting about this discussion. I totally forgot about it…see, forgetfulness abounds.