My Odd Sock’s Not-So-Great Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

My Odd Sock’s Not-So-Great Christmas Gift Ideas 2014


Let's get shopping!
Let’s get shopping!



With Christmas almost here, shoppers everywhere are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one.


With that in mind, I thought I would share some “Not-So-Great Christmas Gift Ideas” straight from the ads & inserts of your favorite stores!


Let’s get shopping…..





Baby Jesus was wrapped in a furry hedgehog.
Baby Jesus was wrapped in a furry hedgehog.




Honestly, this item isn’t a gift idea at all—more of a decorative piece of garbage.



Yes, nothing says the holidays like a 20 inch Christmas Hedgehog!


I’m just thankful this is “pre-lit.”  (You know how difficult it can be stringing lights on a hedgehog?)


Actually, “pre-lit” describes the state of mind of anyone plucking down thirty bucks for this thing!


Moving on…..



This must be the Bar!
This must be the Bar!


Hey, this is classy.

This is for folks who aren’t sure of what to call an elongated table, stools, drink glasses and liquor bottles.


Let’s hope the instructions are clear on the spelling.


“Gosh Chuck, I love what you’ve done with your ARB!”





Batteries not included.
Batteries not included.



Totes offers this nifty four-pack of flashlights.


Does anyone really need FOUR flashlights?


You could hold one in each hand.

Put one in your mouth.

And, nooooo, we’re not going there with the fourth one!


Let’s shop on…..




It's European.
It’s European.




I just like this picture because this guy is showing us the proper way to wear a man-purse!



(Let’s hope it matches his shoes.)









Talent not included.
Talent not included.



Kids of all ages will love “Squishy Sand!”


Described as “Incredibly soft and moldable sand,” it’s apparent this girl has no artistic ability at all as her creations look like piles of dog poo!



What’s next…..






At least not as cheap as "Will & Grace."
At least not as cheap as “Will & Grace.”


Oh my.

At  this point, stores can’t even give Cosby DVD’s away.


It’s pretty sad when Season I of “Alf” is more expensive than the “BEST of The Cosby Show.”





So dreamy.
So dreamy.




Hmm, “One Direction Cosmetics.”


Just what every young girl needs to look like a young dude!



What else……





Low fat.
Low fat.




I’ve never heard of “Donkey Butter.”

The whys, the hows, the purpose?

I have LOTS of questions.


It sounds like something you’d find in a package of “One Direction Cosmetics!”

Wonder if it is available in a margarine?






Bait the hook!
Bait the hook!



Every sportsman needs the “Toilet Fishing Game!”


From the graphic on the box, I wonder why all the water is leaking onto the floor?  Did they break the toilet seal?


Down below, the box says “Improve your skill as a fisherman.”

Yeah I think Babe Winkleman started this way.  (Hey, you try to come up with a name of a popular fisherman!)


I can hear the conversation…


Little Girl-  (excited)…”Daddy, look I caught a brown trout!”

Daddy-  (Screams in horror.)





Lets just hope your holiday shopping doesn’t include ANY of these cheesy gifts.

If it does, be sure you ask for a gift receipt.

Merry Christmas!










4 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s Not-So-Great Christmas Gift Ideas 2014”

  1. “Squishy Sand” is probably sold in states not on the ocean, so children can have that “beach experience”. Here in Florida, there would be a market for “Squishy Snow”. We can tell the kids Santa brought it from his yard in the North Pole.

  2. The one that catches my eye is the man purse. I’ve always wondered about these. My wife has a purse. It is so heavy that I know I would hurt myself carrying it for any length of time. I also wonder what I would put in a “man” purse. I don’t have a lot in my pockets so I certainly wouldn’t fill the purse. Maybe if I win the lotter I could fill it with money. The column was a good one. It made me smile and gave me some things to wonder about.