Dear Santa

Dear Santa


No MSer’s holiday season would be complete without a list for Santa.  So I thought I would share mine with you…


My list.
My list.




Dear Santa Claus,


Hope you are well.

I have been a good boy with my multiple sclerosis this year…taking all my meds & following the doctor’s orders.


Here are the items on my MS Christmas list…




1)  Accessible curbs that are truly accessible.

Skinny legs.
Skinny legs.


2)  Chocolate that counts as a vegetable.


3)  MRI with built-in video gaming system.



4)  GPS for nearest bathroom.


5)  Solumedrol with fresh, minty after-taste.


6)  Muscle spasm fitness DVD.


Big balls.
Big balls.


7)  Velcro clothing.


8)  SHARPS container that looks more decorative–

less industrial.


9)  ATV power scooter.


10)  Reclining shower chair (with ottoman).


11)  Outfits that match color of skin flush.


12)  Myelin sheath mending kit.




13)  Wall walker fingerprint cleaning solution



14)  “How Did I Get This Bruise?” answer guide.


15)  An exasperation-free 2015.



Your friend Odd Sock.

So what is on your MS Christmas list this year?

Please share with us in a comment!






3 Replies to “Dear Santa”

  1. You copied my list. Except for that reclining shower chair. I think my better half would kick me out to use it.

  2. My most important wish would be “A cure for MS”!!

    FYI…..Carrot cake is a vegetable. 🙂