The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy

Thrills & Spills!
Thrills & Spills!



My Christmas holiday was like an old episode of TV’s “The Fall Guy.”

Well, sort of.

It had nothing to do with Lee Majors, star of the action-adventure series from the 1980’s.  Nor did it have anything to do with being a Hollywood stuntman turned bounty hunter (the plot of the show).

I suppose the only thing my holiday had in common with the show was the title.

You see, I was “The Fall Guy.”




I had a fall the week before Christmas.  A hard fall.  Probably the hardest fall in my 18 years with multiple sclerosis,


My fumble-feet stumbled over each other causing me to go head-first onto the garage floor.

Lying on my belly, I raised my melon head to the sight & sound of blood gushing out as if squirting from a faucet.

I screamed more than a few expletives, pissed at myself & pissed at MS, for falling.  My son heard the commotion and came to see what happened.  Upon sight of all the blood, he grabbed a phone and dialed 911.

Soon enough, we had a firetruck and an ambulance on the scene, along with enough feelings of guilty ridiculousness on my part to fill BOTH vehicles.

A few hours later I rolled out of the hospital ER (in a wheelchair of course) with four stitches in my brow, a mushed face and a bruised ego.

Other than that I was fine.


In fact, I was well enough to turn my plight into a fun game for all ages!


Which one of the following three pictures is my eye?

Is it…..



Smokey eyes.
Smokey eyes.












High fashion.
High fashion.










Or, C.   

Needs a brow pluck.
Needs a brow pluck.










All in all my experience taught me three things.

1.   The hardness of concrete is greater than my face.

2.  A fall equals feelings of an idiot.

3.  Maybe this Fall Guy should use a walker.











3 Replies to “The Fall Guy”

  1. Your brow has a long way to go before it rivals Andy Rooney’s. Glad that you just needed a few stitches. That ego bruise may take the longest to heal though. Ouch!

  2. First, I’m glad that you are healing. You are experiencing a common issue for people with ms. NEVER move to a better walking aid until you prove you really need it! You also proved the validity of ms rule #39. Some years back I did this when I fell down a flight of stairs (13 steps). Upon realizing you are falling, never catch yourself with your face! I hope the pains give up soon.

  3. Bob,
    You are the wise one!
    Thanks for your comment.

    Appreciate your concern–and thanks for reminding me of Andy Rooney’s hoot-owl eyebrows–how could I forget!