Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent


Let’s face it, time is all we have—and who knows how much we get, so why not spend some time with a little physical exercise.


Now hear me out.

The time you spend moving that body of yours will thank you back times ten.

It’s good for you.  And even better for your MS.

Those jumpy, twitching muscles in your legs are trying to tell you they want to move.  The crampy spasms in your arms are screaming the same thing.

So why not give them what they want and move’em!  (Or at least try to move them)

If you are like most people, you need two elements to get started…..motivation & challenge.

And I’m gonna give you both.


Movement of any kind (even bowel!) will bring oxygen to starving cells.  Movement will loosen tightened muscles better than any Baclofen tab.  It elevates your mood.  Brightens your spirit.  And gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Exercise gives every aspect of multiple sclerosis a major beat down.  Slaying spacticity.  Smothering fatigue.  Clearing a foggy mind.

Now THAT’S motivation!


MS or not, you’re a competitive cuss.  Always have to win.  Yeah, I know you.

So you need a challenge to exercise, right?

And what better challenge is there than…..time.

By setting a time challenge, you pit your will against the clock.


In my basement (where I exercise..and do laundry), you’ll find this handy-dandy egg timer.

I can set it for however long or short, I want to work.

The challenge is working through the ding!


You can also use an oven timer.

It works equally well for a pot roast as it does a push up.

TV commercial

Another great challenge is exercising through the commercials on television.

Since the average commercial break is two minutes long, that gives you two minutes to lift your arms, walk in place, stand up & sit back down, tighten your abs—whatever.


In two minutes you’ll feel better—and you won’t be forced to sit through another commercial featuring Flo.

Exercise is time well spent.

Rewards outnumber the effort.  Benefits outweigh the cost.

It’s a win-win for you and a lose-lose for your MS.

Time to get moving.


4 Replies to “Time Well Spent”

  1. Okay, I see your points. And I’m slowwwwwwwwwwwly getting into exercise (who knew it sucked so bad?). But I gotta ask: what’s a “push up”?

    Haha – I have never been able to do a proper push up. Damn, they’re hard!

  2. Ms. Cranky,
    Push ups are those frozen, orangey, ice cream delights!

    Your message probably says “You suck!”, but I do appreciate the smiley face at the end!

  3. Love this post and it is so true! Thank you for the exercise reminder. I am going to put this post in my head when I eyeball the wheelie cart at walmart to go grocery shopping. This is the best post I could have read at this time!!! Thank you, you rock sock!!!!! Your friend, Olivia