Naming Your MS Blog

Naming Your MS Blog

Hope you enjoy this previously soiled My Odd Sock!

My Odd Sock working on blog
My Odd Sock working on blog

So you want to write about your MS in a blog?  That’s great!  What you’ll need to do first is think of a unique name for your blog and register it as a domain name with a company like Go  (Yes, I hate Go Daddy’s sleezy TV commercials too, but they are a legit company with professional service & sound advice!)

Go Daddy

Your domain name is like having a storefront on the Main Street of the Internet.

And Go Daddy makes it easy by telling you instantly if your preferred name is already taken–or if it is available to secure as your very own!  They even recommend domain names similar to your preferred choice.

My Odd Sock wants to lend you a hand, helping you find that uniquely, perfect domain name!

So let’s get started…..

Multiple… Taken.

Free Multiple… Available (But who would want it!)

Find A Cure For… Taken.

Living With… Taken.

I Have… Taken.

but, I Hate My… Available!


MS… Taken.

But these alternatives are offered:

MS Sucks…..Available.… Available. (If you’ve ever been to Mississippi, you’ll agree this is true, but it’s not MS related!)… Taken.

but,… Available.… Taken.

Jam A Needle In My… Available.… Taken.

Get Me The Hell Out Of This… Available.

Myelin… Taken.

Myelin Sheath Like Swiss… Available.

I Walk Like I Am… Available.

but, Walk Like… Taken!

Thankfully, Promenade Like…Saunter Like…& Stroll Like…..are all Available!

Mobility… Taken.

but, Carload Of Mobility… Available.

MS… Taken. (You snooze–you loose!)

but, Too Tired To Pull Up My… Available.

Foot… Taken.

Scuff The Tops Of My… Available.

Bladder… Taken.

meanwhile, Dribble On The Toilet… Available.

Pee My… Taken.

but the seemingly impossible Pee My… Available.

cashLastly,… Taken.

Waste Of… Taken.

and, No… Taken.

…but, Hundred Dollars Per Office… Available!

Good luck in choosing YOUR domain name.

I can’t wait to read your first blog post!


8 Replies to “Naming Your MS Blog”

  1. Thank you for your comments, but incorrect information has been presented.

    Yesterday, after receiving a bill for a 25 minute office visit, My Odd Sock realized the web address “Hundred Dollars Per Office” was much too low.
    This doctor charged $298 dollars!!

    My Odd Sock apologizes for the error.