Q & A with MS

Q & A with MS

I’m busy stuffing my Thanksgiving turkey, so please enjoy this tired My Odd Sock rerun…..

After days of repeated requests, the My Odd Sock Investigative Team is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with…Multiple Sclerosis.

Never before has a disease been this candid!

You will not only hear but see actual photographs of MS in a rare, personal glimpse of life as an auto-immune disease.

We now take you to the “Q & A with MS”…..

MS, one cool disease
MS, one cool disease

My Odd Sock- Thank you MS for the opportunity to speak to us.  First, I must say I am shocked to see that you are a guy!  MS affects so many more women than men, I assumed you would be a female…

MS- Yes, that is a common assumption.  I prefer to do my work with the ladies, but I’ll dabble with a man here and there.  I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity offender.  (Laughs & takes a long drag on a cigarette.)

My Odd Sock- You are one creepy man.

MS- Why thank you.

My Odd Sock- Your bio says you’ve had a lot of influences in your career.  Can you tell us about them?

MS- Yes, disease has been a part of my family for generations.  My Great-Great Grandfather was “Scurvy.”  My Uncle worked in the mines for years before he became known as “Black Lung.”  I have a sister, “Arthritis.”  And I am good friends with the “Cancer’s.”  A large family they are–spread out all over! (Laughs)

MS doing his hair
MS doing his hair

My Odd Sock- As MS, what has been your biggest victory?

MS- I have to say my crowning achievement has to be “bladder control” problems.  I mean, someone wetting themselves in the checkout line of the grocery always cracks me up!

My Odd Sock- Biggest disappointment?

MS- Probably not having my own TV telethon.  That “Muscular Dystrophy’s” got it going!

MS working out with a Thigh-Sizer
MS working out with a Thigh-Sizer

My Odd Sock- I mean, you have to be proud of the fact that all of these drugs are made in your honor!…

MS- Oh yeah, I’m fueling a big wave of dough for the drug companies–no doubt about that.  So I say to all your readers out there to keep jamming those needles in your butt…and think of me as your “pain in the ass.”  (Laughs)

My Odd Sock- What does MS do when he’s not reeking havoc & destroying dreams?

MS- Mmm, I love the sound of that question!  Actually, I enjoy word games and Sudoku.  Crafts, like tole painting, macrame.  And I needle point tissue box covers.

Hitting the badminton shuttlecock
Hitting the badminton shuttlecock

My Odd Sock- …Hmm, classy guy.  TV?  What do you like to watch?

MS- I’m a big fan of “House” because the doctors there are never quite sure of the diagnosis.  Sound familiar?  (Laughs)

My Odd Sock- How about the big screen?  Do you like movies?

MS- Oh, of course.  I like the classics…”Andromeda Strain”…”Body Snatchers”…”Other Side of the Mountain” and my favorite is the story of Lou Gehrig.  Always makes me squeal with delight!  (Laughs)

MS at a birthday party
MS at a birthday party

My Odd Sock- Well, that’s about all I can handle so I’ll say thank you MS for your time.  It’s been a real displeasure meeting you!

MS- No, Thank YOU My Odd Sock.  You are no Montel Williams!  But it was about as fun as a leg spasm.  (Laughs)

And with that MS was off in a whisper.  He plans to introduce himself into the lives of about 200 people this week and every week.  Yes, he is a busy, busy man.

We hope you have enjoyed this truly mindless interview and gained a thimbleful of perspective on your friend, Multiple Sclerosis.


3 Replies to “Q & A with MS”

  1. Though a bit scary – One of your best. Meeting ms “head on” was very brave of you.