Vita-Min Or Vita-Max

Vita-Min Or Vita-Max

vitamin bottles

When it comes to vitamins, no one can agree.


Should you take them?  Which ones?  How many?  What dose?

They can’t even agree on how much money Americans spend on vitamins & supplements each year.

Some say $11 billion.  Others say $20 billion.  $30 billion.  Some estimate up to $50 billion dollars a year.

And those of us with multiple sclerosis, or another chronic disease, are in a whole different brew-ha-ha.

Are our vitamin needs different from others?

Again, the experts can’t agree.  Although in recent years many have determined an MSer’s need for more vitamin D.  (How much “D” is up for debate.)

When I was diagnosed back in 1996, a fellow MSer sent a list of vitamins & supplements from the New England Journal of Medicine, that were recommended for those with MS.

For about six months, I religiously followed the list, swallowing a dozen, maybe 18 vitamins a day.  So many it seemed, I thought vitamins were the fifth food group.

Did I feel any different?


So for that reason, (and the fact it was costing nearly $100 bucks a month) I stopped.

Today I only take a multi-vitamin, some vitamin C and a twice-a-month dost of vitamin D.  (No, Milk Duds are NOT a good source of vitamin D.)

Do I feel any different?

No, not really.

Me, taking vitamins.
Me, taking vitamins.

In fact, here is a photo comparison of when I take vitamins……

Me, NOT taking vitamins.
Me, NOT taking vitamins.

….and when I don’t.

Sometimes I believe the whole vitamin/supplement story is a psychological head game where if you think you feel better–it’s worth doing.

I continue with my own personal vitamin regime out of fear…what-ifs…and “Guess I should be doing something!”

Vitamins galore!
Vitamins galore!

But how about you?

Do you take vitamins?  If so, which ones?

Have you noticed a difference with your MS?

Energy level?  Fatigue?

Whether you follow the advice of Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, Dr. Swank. Dr. Paulding or Dr. Seuss, it seems to all be a matter of opinion.

Who is right or who is wrong is anybody’s guess.

Be well.


6 Replies to “Vita-Min Or Vita-Max”

  1. I respectfully disagree My Odd Sock. I don’t think there is anyone who does not believe that the answers lie with Dr. Seuss. Whatever Dr. Seuss says, it the scientific proof of they things that are….

  2. Oh, boy. When I go to the doctor’s office and am asked for my “list of current medications” I am pretty embarrassed. It’s THAT long (hey, that’s what SHE said!).

    As for the vitamin portion of my loooong list, I take 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day, as well as vitamin B and iron. All of those items were shown to be at very low levels during bloodwork.

    I feel about the same as I did before I started taking them (tired as sh!t), but who knows how I’d feel if I weren’t taking them…

  3. I was never a vitamin person, but my neurologist encouraged me to start. I take a multivitamin plus a calcium and vitamin D and a fish oil supplement. No, I don’t see a difference, but I guess it isn’t hurting me, either.

  4. Yvonne, Ms. CrankyPants & Muff,

    Thanks for your Comments. I’m still trying to get the dang cottonball out of the bottle.

  5. I used to take bunches of vitamins too….don’t think they made me feel better. Now I take multi and D ….still can’t tell a difference either