More Mixed Nuts

More Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts

From time to time, I like to clear out some unused topics, clippings & observations in what I call “More Mixed Nuts.”

The subjects are random & disjointed (similar to most content in My Odd Sock).

So in no particular order…away we go!

No Dead Zone

Cemetary Lots

Why are there cemetery lots for sale in the newspaper classifieds?

You can find them in the paper nearly everyday.

Have these people decided not to die?

Their will to live must be stronger than mine!

Maybe the folks selling the lots are vampires (who live forever) and decided they won’t need them.

Or they could be stupid entrepreneurs who thought “investing in real estate” included cemetery plots.

Who knows.


Pet LeggingsWinner of the dumbest product on the market goes to Petco for their “All-Weather Paw Protection” leggings for dogs.

What is this pooch starring in the canine version of “Flashdance?”

There is a good reason why these are 50% off–because they don’t work!

If you have ever tried putting stuff on a dog’s feet or legs, it’s impossible.  It would be easier to cut the dog’s legs off!

Dog’s have been around longer than humans.  I think Princess will survive a stroll through the damp grass.


You wash my back & I'll wash yours.
You wash my back & I'll wash yours.

Pictured here are several new bars of Dial soap I found in our bathroom.

Now I’m no “soap expert,” but this isn’t a very attractive color.

I don’t find myself saying…”I need to rub this soap over my entire body!”

What’s it made of pea soup…or Ghostbuster’s ectoplasm?

Liver bile is more appealing.

The marketing heads at Dial soap should do a little more product research ‘cuz this color doesn’t cut it.

Child Stars.  Where Are They Now?

So many child stars find it difficult to cope as adults and find themselves in trouble or facing issues of addiction…stars like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Screech to name a few.

Anne Burrell

That’s why it is so refreshing to enjoy the success of the Food Network’s TV chef Anne Burrell.

Burrell is one of few who have found bigger roles as an adult as they did during their childhood.

You didn’t know Anne Burrell was a child actor?

Anne Burrell as a child actor
Anne Burrell as a child actor

Here she is in her role as “Sally”, Charlie Brown’s little sister.

(Note:  Anne says her crush on Linus was real)

Thrill Of The Hunt

It’s deer hunting season.  I’m not a hunter myself, but I can respect those who do .


Even though I don’t hunt, I’ll flip through the hunting ad circulars from the Sunday paper.

That’s where I found photos of these hunters all decked out for the field.

Kinda-cool.  Almost menacing, with their camo gear, burly beards and face paint.

Psycho HunterThen I saw this dude’s photo.

Geez, Psycho hunter…or serial killer?

This is Elmer Fudd when he goes off the deep end!

I didn’t know Rob Zombie had a twin.

“Duck Dynasty” meets “Sons of Anarchy.”

He makes Charles Manson seem like a Choir boy.

He is so scary the deer gut themselves!

Well, that does it for More Mixed Nuts.”

If you are the last one to read this, please make sure you put the lid back on the can.

Thanks.  And have a nutty day.