The MS Time Zone

The MS Time Zone

Time ZonesIt’s all about the big four….the Eastern…the Central…the Mountain…and the Pacific.

Of course, I’m referring to the four time zones found here in the U.S.

When I say “big,” I’m really talking about the Eastern, Central & Pacific only.  The Mountain is like the ugly stepchild time zone no one cares about.

And what’s with the state of Indiana?

They can’t decide if they’re in the Eastern or the Central.  Indiana flip-flops more than a politician at election time!

But on to the issue at hand.

Within each of the four time zones, those of us with multiple sclerosis live each day by a different clock.

I call it The MS Time Zone.

It’s that time of day when your body pulls the plug on energy levels.

Your feet move as if you are wearing cement shoes.

Balance becomes as unstable as a Middle Eastern regime.

And spasticity tightens its grip like Chris Christie in spandex.


Though this time of day may be different for you, my MS time zone falls between 4pm and 8pm each day.

No matter when I take my Baclofen, or rest or how I plan my day…at 4 o’clock, a switch is flipped and I go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

Left: Me at 3:59   Right: Me at 4:00
Left: Me at 3:59 Right: Me at 4:00

It can be an ugly transformation.

One that makes small children wet their pants.  (No wait, that’s me)

Small children & adults alike flee from my lurching form.


I go from not-so-good to really bad in a single leg spasm.

The worst thing about the MS Time Zone is most activities happen between 4 & 8pm.

School functions, sporting events, social gatherings all seem to begin as we wind down.

What do you do to battle this problem?

I’ve tried resting during the day to “save-up” my reserves to no success.  (Then, I’m twice as frustrated as I have wasted the whole day!)

So just because I live in the Eastern Time Zone, doesn’t mean my MS-riddled body has to.  MS seems to reside in a time zone all its own.

sockNote:  Readers in the Pacific Time Zone, this post will appear three hours later.  Check your local listing.

6 Replies to “The MS Time Zone”

  1. You really nailed this one, Doug! My worst hours are slightly shorter — more like 5 to 7:30. By 9, I’ve gotten a second wind. And you’re right — so many things fall within that blasted time frame! When I worked, there were countless meetings, and I always looked like that monster weaving and wobbling to my seat. Now, I really try to do nothing during those hours.

  2. Muff,
    Glad you mentioned the second wind around 9. I get that as well before a complete collapse around 10:30!

    Thank you. Yep, 4 till 8, I am mud.

  3. My plug gets pulled at 3pm EST. There is no second wind for me. It is for this reason, I turn down non-important social functions. If I do have to full fill a night social obligation, I have been known to spend the entire next day in bed. I miss out on so much, and am behind on stuff, because I am pretty much non-functional from 3pm, until the next morning.

  4. Can I call the “entire day sucks” time zone? Okay, it doesn’t really; just feels that way now after THREE nights of horrible sleep. But I typically feel pretty good in the mornings and fatigued as all get out by late afternoon. After-work happy hours/non-senior-citizen-hour dinners/late movies? Fuggetaboutit.