Having MS Is Like…

Having MS Is Like…

Telling someone you have multiple sclerosis is easy.

Getting them to understand what you are feeling is a whole different ball game.

If you have had MS for any length of time, you’ve come to know their curiosity.  Heck, you may have even been asked what having MS feels like!

With that I thought it would be helpful to come up with a few explanations you can use to explain just what you are going through.


Welcome to what I call…“Having MS is like…”

Having MS is like…eating a bowl of oatmeal.  Too much milk and it gets runny.

Having MS is like…walking on marbles while wearing roller skates.

Having MS is like…having to pee.  No I don’t.  Have to pee.  No I don’t.  Have to pee.  No I don’t.  Have to pee.  No I

Having MS is like…being told “Your ankle is bleeding!”  And you respond…”It is?”

Hey, my head isn't so empty!
Hey, my head isn't so empty!

Having MS is like…a brain that speaks English, but out of the mouth comes Swahili.

Having MS is like…not noticing when your leg is asleep.

Having MS is like…a five-speed manual transmission with a crappy clutch.

Having MS is like…being in a House of Mirrors on a bad hair day.

Having MS is like…sitting so much your ass goes flat.

Having MS is like…trying to swallow a pair of socks.


Having MS is like…that little sqwiggle mark you make trying to get a pen started.

Having MS is like…yawning during the chase scene of an action-adventure movie.

Having MS is like…being the last one through the door EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Having MS is like…getting a hug around the waist but no ones there.

step in dog poop

Having MS is like…avoiding dog poop in the yard, but still managing to step in it.

Having MS is like…getting perks for all the wrong reasons.

Having MS is like…being tickled on your right foot and feeling it on your left.

Having MS is like…looking as though you are the healthiest person in the room.

Having MS is like…trying to read through a screen door.

Having MS is like…forgetting where you put the car keys—but also where you parked the car.

Having MS is like…being too tired to fart.

Having MS is like…a sudden fondness for velcro shoes.

My name is..
My name is..

Having MS is like…wishing people wore name tags all the time.

Having MS is like…cutting vegetables wearing oven mitts.

Having MS is like…having  illegible handwriting without the medical degree.

Hopefully, you will find this to come in handy next time you get a puzzled look or innocent question.

You may even want to add a few of your own as each MSer has his or her unique perspective!

Till next time.


5 Replies to “Having MS Is Like…”

  1. Great list!!

    Here’s mine:

    Having MS is like…wait, I forgot. Give me a sec…I can’t quite remember the word…wait! Here it comes. Having MS is like…aw, man, gotta pee (again). I’ll get back to you. After a nap. No I won’t; I’ll forget!

  2. Having MS is like……ready to go to bed, and it’s only 3pm.

    Having MS is like….falling in wet cement, and no one to pull you out.

  3. Yow, is this ever a fantastic list!

    As for me…

    Having MS is like being one of those dinosaurs that’s fallen into a tar pit and is trying (reallyREALLYreally trying hard!) to climb out, but…

    Having MS is like … huh? I was falling asleep there for a sec…

  4. Gale,
    Thank you for your additions to the list.
    I heard tar is an excellent moisturiser. Maybe the dinosaurs were onto something.