The Not Too Late For Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Not Too Late For Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad's DayFather’s Day is here.  Time to honor Dad for all the things on the To-Do list that he never did.

My Odd Sock has scoured sinks and literally hundreds, no nearly ten, of the finest newspaper circulars to find this motley collection of gifts for dear old Dad on his special day.

Dad shirt cakeBefore you shower Dad with gifts of love, you gotta have cake!

Baskin Robbins serves up this “Dad’s Shirt Cake.”

Lovely isn’t it?  Tacky & out of style like every shirt hanging in Dad’s closet.

This cake has been carefully detailed with decorative piping and the obligatory “chip-dip-drip” on Dad’s left boob.

Now after dessert, it is on to the gifts…..

Dad's doghouse

First stop…Sears for this Craftsman brand shed.

Bigger than a dog house, the roomy 6′ X 3′ design gives Dad room to stretch out after Mom has had enough of his shenanigans.

(Shed is NOT cable-ready.)

Dad number one

Next, we visit Target to pick up this adorable “#1 Dad” hat & shirt combo.

What Dad wouldn’t want to claim the coveted number one Dad ranking!

Buyer beware—hurry as you can see in the small print…”Quantities limited.”

Damn straight!  There can only be ONE “#1 Dad”, so Target only has one set.

At this point, Target is probably sold out, so let’s shop elsewhere……

Walgreens Dad's Clothes

Let’s visit Walgreens of all places for this assortment of beer apparel.

Honor Dad for being the heavy drinker that he is.

Brand co-ordinated mix & match ensembles.  Easily ID’s Dad’s favorite brew when he’s too loaded to ask for another.  He simply has to point to the logo!

Tacky…are we back at Baskin Robbins?

I’m glad these products are “Licensed.”  Because if Dad drinks enough to wear this stuff–he probably doesn’t have his!


Also from the Walgreens ad, you’ll find Dad’s favorite, pistachios in a 16 ounce bag.

What is so wrong about this, you ask?


It’s the item found above the pistachios….

Pistacio's  TP

Because if Dad chows through a pound of pistachios…he’s gonna need some TP!

“With Card?”  My God, after a whole bag of nuts, it better come “With Doctor!”

And it comes in “12 or 16 rolls.”  At this point I’m advising shoppers to go for the latter!

Completing our Father’s Day shopping, we head on over to Home Depot.

Because he doesn’t know when…so he should know where…

Home Depot Urn

Yes, for the Dad who has everything, but just doesn’t know how much time he has left to enjoy it!

This “Poly Clay Urn” is perfect for Dad’s final resting place.

And the “Terra-Cotta finish easily matches the decorative motif of any room.

What’s Home Depot’s slogan?….”More Saving.  More Dieing.  That’s the power of Home Depot.”

That does it for “The Not Too Late For Father’s Day Gift Guide.”

Best wishes to all Dads out there.  And happy Sunday to all!


3 Replies to “The Not Too Late For Father’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Damnit, MOS, why didn’t you publish this sooner? I’ve already bought my dad some classical music CD he wants; had I known there was all of this incredible stuff out there (he’d simply ADORE the beer apparel), I would have skipped the CD and gone straight to Walgreen’s.


  2. I personally like nuts, and at least those kind wouldn’t be thrown like p-nuts are around here.

    Have a great Happy Father’s Day Sock. Keep hanging in there.