My Odd Sock Final Exam

My Odd Sock Final Exam

Test Today

It’s the end of the school year.

And time to take your final exam.

Let’s see how much you know about multiple sclerosis…and what you have learned from this web site.  (Really?  Are you kidding me?)

Let’s begin…..

Name ______________

Question #1

Covered in Post-It Notes

This picture represents…

A)   “Sticky”, Hallmark’s mascot for Secretaries day.

B)   Lady Gaga’s newest concert get-up.

C)   An MSer’s attempt of remembering stuff.

D)   All of the above.

Question #2

Brain scan

What is the person in this brain scan thinking?

A)   “Damn, my nose itches.  Can’t scratch it–Don’t move!”

B)   “Such a large head for such a low I.Q.”

C)   “My God, I DO look like Homer Simpson!”

Question #3

True or False. Spasticity is a town in Nebraska.

Question #4

cowboy disabled

This symbol signifies…

A)   A cowboy sitting on a bean-bag chair.

B)   A rancher riding a horse bare-back.

C)   A handicapped parking space at a rodeo.

Question #5

Harry Potter

Find the name of a character from Harry Potter from this list of popular MS medications.

A)   Amprya

B)   Extavia

C)   Nymphadora

D)   Aubagio

E)   Decadron

Question #6

True or False.     BG-12 is the younger brother of the NFL’s RG III.

Question #7

MSThis diagram recreates…

A)   An octopus eating a hot dog.

B)   Someone on a low-carb diet eating a bratwurst and leaving the bun.

C)   How multiple sclerosis destroys your nervous system.

Question #8

Knowing Your Side Effects

Flushing & stomach problems are the most common reactions of…

A)   the GOP towards anything Obamacare.

B)   eating Taco Bell’s beefy-cheesy burrito.

C)   taking Tecfidera, the new oral MS medication.

D)   all of the above.

Question #9

Making a donation to a health organization (i.e. American Cancer Society, National MS Society, American Heart Association)…

A)   helps to fund medical research.

B)   aids programs of prevention & care.

C)   guarantees you will receive frequent requests to donate EVEN MORE for the rest of your life.

D)   both A & B.

Question #10

disability signThis sign represents….

A)   the ADA’s remake of “Charlie’s Angels.”

B)   participants in a race at the Para-Olympics.

C)   an officer about to unleash a police dog on two disabled people.

D)   none of the above.



You have passed with honors!

And you shall be rewarded with another year of MS!

Oh, you lucky dog!


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  1. Being the first to comment, you are the “Class Valedictorian!

    Extra congrats to you!