America’s Greatest Unnatural Resource

America’s Greatest Unnatural Resource

Coal Mine

This great land was built with energy.

The coal we mine from the ground.

The oil we reap from the land and sea.

And the natural gas that flows beneath our Croc-covered feet.

But we mustn’t forget about America’s greatest unnatural resource…found in an unending supply in our own laundry rooms.

It’s dryer lint.

Just open the little door and pull out the filter.

Dryer Lint

There, you’ll find fluff.

The tweener of paper and fabric.

In a color closely resembling your last load.

Dryer lint truly is cotton candy (without the sweetness!).

It’s amazing how much lint is harvested.  And is a shame how wasteful as it gets tossed in the trash.

There must be some practical use for dryer lint.

Possibly as an extra layer of insulation in the attic.

Or, as stuffing for decorative throw pillows.

Dryer lint may well be America’s next big export.  Think about it.  We could ship our lint to countries who have yet to develop their own clothes dryer technology.  Those nations still dependent on a primitive clothes line would benefit and loathe with U.S.-made dryer lint.

OPEC  What a dumb logo!
OPEC What a dumb logo!

OPEC (Organization of

Petroleum Exporting


…would soon become known as…

Dryer filter

OLEC (Organization of Lint

Exporting Countries).

I believe dryer lint is an untapped natural resource that deserves special attention from leading industry experts and government officials alike….especially after doing a load of towels!

So the next time you use your clothes dryer and empty the lint trap…think about the lint you hold in your hand and how it could be used to make our world a better place.


5 Replies to “America’s Greatest Unnatural Resource”

  1. I remember when my daughter was a Brownie, and they made newspaper cushions, stuffed with dryer lint. It totally grossed me out.

  2. I saw a segment on CBS This Morning(if I remember correctly) about someone doing amazing artwork from dryer lint.