MS Sweet Tweets

MS Sweet Tweets


Are you on Twitter?

Do you “tweet?”

Me neither.  But maybe we should because Twitter is perfect for those of us with multiple sclerosis!

Perfect for the reason…a message on Twitter is limited to just 140 characters.

That’s an ideal size for MSers.

Any larger and we would forget what we wrote the line before…Any longer and we would need a potty break…Any larger and we would forget what we wrote the line before!

To get you started, My Odd Sock has come up with a few sample tweets that are MS related….

“I’ve peed in every McDonalds within a three-state area.  #Bladder size of a pea.

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“Wall-walkers leave their mark wherever they go.”

“Button-down style.  Pull-over dexterity.”

“Could someone lend me a hand.”  #Not the I’ve fallen and can’t get up lady.

“Wonder if Five Hour Energy is available as an IV.”

“I’m stuck.  What’s the point of a Sharps Container?”  #Lame pun.

“Sorry.  It’s not your inane questions–it’s my depression.”

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“How can I wash my butt while seated on a shower chair?”  #Listen for Old Spice whistle.

“Why do I need shoes if I can’t walk?”  #Screw Buster Brown.

“About to enjoy shot night.  Tequila, not Rebif.”

“Inside an MRI is quieter than my racing mind thinking of an MS future.”

“Even with vision problems, it’s obvious he dressed himself.”  #Tim Gunn slits wrist.

“Not a good day when brushing your teeth poops you out.”

“Bedtime is when my legs think they are running a marathon.”

Twitter Bird“Don’t seem quite as sloppy when I eat seated next to a four-year-old.”  #Seating arrangements are everything.

“When people say ‘You look so good’, I wonder if they are talking to me or that pan of lasagna.”

“Only with MS is being called ‘loose’ a good quality.”  #Spasticity sucks.

“Sitting in a wheelchair, I can honestly say everyone farts.”  #Nose at ass level.

Oh well.  No one ever said Twitter could save the world in 140 characters or less.  But I gave it a try anyhow.

Feel free to add your thoughts.  You even may want to add a few “tweets” of your own!


5 Replies to “MS Sweet Tweets”

  1. I have a Twitter account, but have never sent a Tweet. Sometimes I log in, just to stalk people. If I did Tweet, I’d probably Tweet, “Life Sucks, then you Die”.#DebbyDowner or maybe “Do I look fat in this wheelchair?” #RichardSimmons. 🙂

  2. Well, I don’t tweet its too confusing and I already am addicted to Facebook! You had me at the Mc’ds bathroom one………Sooooo, how are you doing? Sending you some light,