Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty & Me

Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty & Me


Because I am being a lazy cow, please enjoy this repeat My Odd Sock!

In 1972, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronnie Cox and Jon Voight starred in the movie “Deliverance.”

This scary flick was about a whitewater canoe trip gone very bad.

I call the movie “scary” because I was absolutely petrified that something like this could actually happen in real life.

“Deliverance” was made famous by its popular scene of dueling banjos between Ronnie C. and a freaky kid…or, any ordinary shopper at Walmart.

The only reason I mention any of this is that the muscles of my legs are as taut as the strings of a banjo.  (I know…it was a real stretch.  Kinda like Matthew McConaughey in any acting role.)


If the muscles on the insides of my thighs were banjo strings, I could play “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” no problem!

It is my multiple sclerosis that causes muscle tightness, or spasticity.  And it has to be my most annoying symptom.

Spasticity is why I walk like Frankenstein.

Spasticity is why I fall to the floor more often than Paris Hilton’s negligee!

Staying loose is my waging battle with MS…A battle fought with every weapon in my arsenal.

I take Baclofen three times daily.  I get Botox injections every three months.  I do Bee Sting therapy.  And I stretch—-constantly.  I stretch like a well-worn pair of tighty-whities (minus the skidmarks….OK, maybe a few).

I can’t sit for extended periods of time either.  I have to move around like an Afghan terrorist or my spasticity will take hold with a relentless squeeze.  This happens alot in the morning when I try to get out of bed.  My legs will stiffen and cross, or scissor, with such force I believe if my thighs were sharp they would cut off my “man-junk!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not fussing & complaining.  I’m just explaining my MS issues with spasticity to those who are unfamiliar.  If you have spasticity problems, I’m talking right into your sweet spot and you can relate.

There are tons of treatment options to ease spasticity, so just ask your doc.  Give them a try to find what works best for you.

Deliverance Kid

Or you could join the kid with a rousing duet of dueling banjos!  (That kid is creepy, man!)



5 Replies to “Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty & Me”

  1. Yep, spasticity is also my #1 challenge. As I increased my Baclofen dosage, my walk went from Frankenstein to Igor to Gumby. A combo of Flexeril and Baclofen is my new experiment.

    My next impression will be the Bette Davis walk. It’s always good to build up one’s repertoire. Soon I’ll have enough material to gig at weddings and bar mitzvahs. Who says you have to be able to stand up to do stand-up?


  2. OK! I don’t mind an fun post once in a while! They don’t all have tobe so serious ;-P … I sit all day at work in front of a computer and I need something to keep me awake and entertained, lol. Thanks again. Cheers

    F. Wilson

  3. YOu are so funny, I love it!!! Paris Hilton, lol. Anyhoo, my most painful and annoying symptom was also spasticity. My legs stopped spasming a couple of months ago and I was given a break….. I read a new blog post shared by the National MS society blog email update I get about the hypothalamus……..very interesting to me. Makes me wonder if that would be telling in my case. Sending you light,

  4. Dear My Odd Sock, for the first time ever I MUST object to an observation made in your blog. How could you write that horrible sentence? Matthew Mcconaughey is an incredibly gorgeous (ooops- I mean) talented actor!