Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

funeral flowers


We are gathered here today NOT for amusement, but in sorrow.

Not in joy.  And laughter.  But in anguish.  And loss.

You see, we have come together to pay our respects to a beloved member of the My Odd Sock household, who departed this life twenty-three years young.

May we bow our heads as we remember…..

The colossal console
The colossal console

Sylvania Console Television



Through the years, our television delivered with seamless antiquity.

Sturdy as its faux-oak finish, the console TV broadcast countless hours of entertainment in 27 diagonal inches of vivid color.

Demonstrating uncanny diversity, the Sylvania was equally adept at flipping from sports to movies to news.

Through Super Bowls and the Olympics…through Seinfeld’s final episode & non-stop reruns…to events of the day, such as the OJ chase & 9-11, the console never buckled under pressure.  (Only the occasional storm that would knock out the cable.)

Upon seeing our console TV, a young child whispered

“Mommy, why do they keep their TV on the floor?”


In this era of flat-screens, plasma and surround-sound, the Sylvania Console was often mocked and ridiculed.

“Does it have high-def?” he said with a snort.

“Yes, if you sit reeaall close,” I responded.

funeral flowers 2

Twenty-three years.

Out living no fewer than five remotes.  Numerous DVD/VCR combos.  As well as an estimated hundred thousand channel flicks when nothing was on.

As we pull the plug on our Sylvania Console TV, we’ll remember the good times.

Forever in our hearts.  Rest in peace console.  Rest in peace.

May you offer your condolences with a with a heartfelt comment.

Thank you.  And God bless.


6 Replies to “Rest In Peace”

  1. May fond memories comfort you at this time…..In my family room I still have a “fat” TV. I have no plans to buy a flat screen until this one dies. He/she is over 15 years old… problems…..

  2. Be strong, my friend. Be strong. If it worked, indeed, use it til it will work no more! Jennifer and I have an old model big screen TV, and people ask when we will get a flat screen. In time, there’s everything perfect with what we have.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, but I was just hoping a neighbor would drop off a casserole!

  4. This is out of control! How could you let this vintage beauty out of your sight?! You may have just kept her to sit your new fancy flat screen tv on. LOL~~~ Olivia