Attention-Getting Headlines

Attention-Getting Headlines



Grocery Store magazines


You gotta love the magazine rack at the check-out.

It’s so nice of the store to offer reading material for those of us standing in line!  I mean, they’re there for the same reason the doctor puts magazines in the lobby, right?

The headlines of these rag-mags fascinate me the most–as the zanier the headline the better!



Elvis SightingHillary


The Weekly World News usually wins out for the most bizarre headlines.

Two-headed monkeys, Bigfoot’s lover, aliens and Elvis sightings seem to be their favorite topics to bring to light.



After seeing these eye-catching headlines, I think all the MS publications, magazines and newsletters should follow the same philosophy as do the tabloids.  What better way to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis than with a little stretch of the truth!

So here are a few MS-related pictures, accompanied by some attention-getting headlines.  See what you think……


Walker Two-Step





Gangnam Style Out. 

Walker Two-Step Newest Dance Craze.








Trick folding cane




Gimp Falls Using Folding, Trick Cane

Practical Joke.





Passing On Double Line



Scooter Illegally Passes On

Double Line.





Saving parking space



MSer Saves Space While Buddy Gets






MRI Scan



Man’s Brain Image Tattoo Eliminates

Need For MRI.






Walker tennis balls


Tennis Ball Shortage Cancels US Open. 

Nursing Home Charged With Hoarding.







FDA Fasttracking



FDA To Fast-Track Drug Curing MS.





Well, I seriously doubt the MS organizations will run with my idea.  (They’ll stick to their magazine covers of doctors, researchers and people riding bicycles.)

Eh, it was just a shot in the dark anyway.














3 Replies to “Attention-Getting Headlines”

  1. It amazes me that people really buy and read those magazines! I like your headlines much better!

  2. “Walker Two-Step Newest Dance Craze”. I see a money maker with this one…….video instruction DVD’s, a “Gimp Troupe” can be put together for TV appearances, national tours, Nursing Home grand openings…..move over Psy……

  3. Yes, your headlines are far superior. So irritating to see the MS mags with people flying kites and bounding through fields. With lambs. And balloons. GRRRRRR