Prom Season

Prom Season



Bow tieIt’s Prom Season!

That means throughout the land, young men & women are busy planning the grandest time of their lives.  Prom today has evolved into a whole orchestra of activities & responsibilities.  More than just finding a dress for the ladies and renting a tux for the guys, couples today have “themes” with matching attire, flowers, hair & make-up, transportation and a complete “post-prom” itinerary.


Of course, I must admit, I never attended prom in high school, so I have nothing to compare.  I didn’t even date.  Couldn’t work up the nerve to ask anyone! 

I take that back–one time, I called a girl to ask on a date.  After nervously fumbling a couple of lame, unfunny comments, I asked and was turned down with her saying “I don’t know who you are.”

WAH-WAAAAAA.  (Mood killer sound effect)

Honestly though, I’m glad it didn’t work work out between us.  Years later she was accused of shooting her husband 13 times!  Kizmet, I figure.



But back to proms.

My Odd Sock has been busy reading the prom advertisements to see what’s hot.

Here are just a few of my findings….



NosegayYour local FTD florist offers an “FTD Keepsake Roses Nosegay.”

I had never heard of the word “nosegay.”  A strange pairing of two words you don’t often see together (like “earlesbian”) I had to investigate!


Turns out a nosegay is a small flower bouquet, given as a gift.  According to Wikipedia, the term “nosegay” is from the fifteenth century and is a combination (obviously) of the word nose and gay.  During that time it meant “ornament.”  So a nosegay is an ornament that appeals to the nose.  Honestly, I’ll just stick to calling it a “small flower bouquet!”


(The “nosegay” is also referred to as a “tussie-mussie.”  “Tussie-mussie?  Really?  Again, I’ll stick with the small flower bouquet!)




*     *     *     *     *


Tuxedo shirt


American Commodore has big discounts on tuxedo rentals in their ads.

And they sweeten the pot by offering this awesome tuxedo t-shirt absolutely free!

Who needs a tux when you got the shirt!



Heck, at my hometown high school, combine this tee with a mullet and a tin of Skoal and you’re voted “Prom King” hands down! 









*     *     *     *     *



Finally, Men’s Warehouse put together a small catalog of tux styles that included this picture.


Andy Warhol



He’s an odd looking fellow.

Who is he trying to be?  Andy Warhol?

(Discussion between two girls…)

Girl #1-  “Like, who er you goin with ta prom?”

Girl #2-  “Like, I’m goin wit Andy Warhol.  But like, he’s late!”

Girl #1-  “Like, yah he’s late.  Like he’s dead!”

Girl #2-  “Like, no wonder he’s so pale.”





So here’s to prom season.  May the kids have a great time.  And may everyone arrive safely.  No matter WHAT they may be wearing!


4 Replies to “Prom Season”

  1. Yikes- strike where it hurts! I did go to the prom with a male friend who was actually gay and later came out of the closet. But he was a great date with awesome fashion sense…… This post hurts as my old high school is actually closing this year and there are all kinds of events to say goodbye, including a prom- yuck. I feel like I should go for nostalgia’s sake but the last thing I have any interest in is doling up- unless sneakers and sweats count- and looking for a date. I think my old prom date maybe single again. If he can’t find a guy to take him maybe he will take me… I wonder if I can double the size of my prom dress by cutting off the tons of lace….Good to know about the nosegay though.

  2. The “odd looking fellow” looks like his hair was a photo shop malfunction.

    FYI….I never went to prom either. My daughter went to several, and each time, I had to buy her a new dress. Apparently it is a sin to wear the same dress twice! Twelve years later, the dresses are still hanging in the closet…….

  3. Oh, proms! If you managed to sneak in alcohol, they could be fun! [NOT that I am endorsing this clearly irresponsible behavior. At all.]

    Tussie-mussie? Like, those olden-timey people sure were funny!