Easter Egg Yolks

Easter Egg Yolks





This being the Easter holiday weekend, we find ourselves busy with family & friends in various activities & traditions.


It’s also the perfect time for My Odd Sock to browse through the sale ads for Easter delights in celebration of the occasion.


C’mon, let’s shop till we drop…..



Easter Outfit



Aww, how adorable.

Easter is the season when we don our season’s newest fashions.

And this young man is looking dapper in this outfit from Kohl’s.



Huggy Bear 2


I mean, it’s nice and all….but do we really need to dress our children to look like Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch?

I’m just sayin.




What’s next….



Easter baskets


This time of year, many stores sell treat baskets like these.

Licensed & Jumbo.  Very nice.


Ya know, when honoring Christ’s Resurrection, I often think of Mickey Mouse and Spiderman!

I mean, Peter Parker is like Jesus wearing tights!





Whatever happened to the spiritual meaning of Easter?

Let’s move on…..






Best Buy comes through with a DVD sale.

You can choose the epic “The Bible.”  (Very fitting for the season)


…..Or Billy Crystal’s flop “Parental Guidance.”


Talk about a range of movies. 

Could they pick two flicks any further apart?



What else you got?…..



Chocolate Crucifix

Your neighborhood Rite Aid checks in selling this assortment of Easter treats….


(Discussion between two kids)

Kid #1-   “Cool!  I got Honey the Bunny with candy eyes!  What’d you get?

Kid #2-  (Depressed)  “Eh, I got the chocolate crucifix again.”


The chocolate cross has “Grandma” written all over it, right?

And at your choice for just 88 cents each, we’re talking quality chocolate here!




And lastly…..



CVS Sale

CVS Pharmacy is having an Easter sale!

Let’s see what’s on special…..





For the children’s baskets, we have yummy Reese’s Miniatures….M&Ms

…or Cadbury Mini Eggs.







And for Dad, we have Miller & Bud!

Great, so while the kids get amped up on candy, Dad can swill his favorite aluminum brew!

If you look in the fine print (I highlighted), CVS has a limit on the amount of treats you can buy.  But the beer?…the only limit is your blood-alcohol level!

So serve’em up!



That does it for my Easter shopping.  Let’s hope your shopping was more productive.

May you have a safe & happy Easter weekend.




8 Replies to “Easter Egg Yolks”

  1. How peculiar to be able to buy beer in a pharmacy. Here in Canada you can only buy alcohol at the government owned liquor or beers stores. I think Easter (along with Christmas)has become a secular holiday in most of North America. Children worship Santa and the Easter Bunny, and adults…well, generally speaking, I think they just drink beer.

  2. I confess…..went into CVS to pick up an RX, and like a magnet, I was drawn to the Easter candy aisle. Bought me some Reese’s and Cadbury eggs. When in Walmart, did the same thing. Love the Cadbury eggs,you can only get them at Easter time.

  3. Margaret,
    Sweets for the sweet!

    Ms. Crankypants,
    Thank you. Yes, I’m into deep, meaningful conversation!

  4. Buying beer in the pharmacy seems odd to me, now that I’ve lived in D@mnark for five years or so. It’s difficult to even buy acetaminophen there, let alone beer. O.O

  5. As usual I am late in reading your latest blog. All of this sale talk reminds me of one of my money saving techniques. Just read the ads but don’t buy anything. This way you save the amount between the regular price and the sale price and by not buying you also save the sale price. I’m sure I will be a millionaire any day now.

    Anyway, rich or poor God Bless you and all your readers.

    The old guy – Bob