Flakey Way To Riches

Flakey Way To Riches



Every once in a while you hear of someone selling a potato chip in the shape of Bob Barker, the Virgin Mary or some other iconic figure for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.



Well, because My Odd Sock isn’t above ways to make a quick buck (and you thought otherwise), I went to the pantry and pulled out our biggest box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.


I was already seeing dollar signs as there must be countless, familiar images of sugar-coated corn flakes inside this 28 ounce box.




It's like panning for gold in the kitchen!
It's like panning for gold in the kitchen!



But my first step to wealth began by sorting through each flake, one by one, searching for any recognizable shapes.


My findings?

Not so fast.



Before I release my maize treasures to the open market and the bidding wars begin, I thought I owed first dibs to you, the faithful readers of this pitiful web site.

So get your cash & credit cards ready and place your bids….



IMG_0936Marge Simpson


First, we have this flake in the shape of the most famous bee-hive hair style belonging to Marge Simpson.







Next, geography buffs or friends of the land down under will treasure this corn replica of Australia.

(This also resembles the shape of Rush Limbaugh’s fat head.)



Houston, I have to potty.
Houston, I have to potty.



Travel through space with this endearing flake of a NASA astronaut walking on the moon.






A brain is a terrible thing to flake.
A brain is a terrible thing to flake.



Here is your brain after another frustrating appointment with your neurologist.






The father flake of our country.
The father flake of our country.

Washington Delaware



Fans of our first president will cherish this Frosted Flake recreation of George Washington crossing the Delaware River.





First there was one, now there are two.
First there was one, now there are two.

Cell division 2



Who isn’t fond of the building blocks of life?

Here, a flake mimics cell division.





Hearts on fire!
Hearts on fire!



With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, show you care by giving your loved one a heart of corn!








Finally, pictured is a flake resembling my stomach after eating all this damn cereal!



Please bid early & often.  Who is ready to open?








9 Replies to “Flakey Way To Riches”

  1. Sorry, no bids, but I must say you have quite the imagination! And waaaay too much time on your hands!! It did evoke a lot of laughs on my part, though.

  2. I hope I’m not too late, but I simply MUST have the Valentine’s Day heart! I was at a loss as to what to get my husband, and now my problem is solved. It’s sweet! It’s practical! It’s whimsical! $500 (plus S&H, of course)?

  3. Although I will admit this would not be the first thing I have ever wasted my money on, I’m holding out for something more substantial like a bart simpson on a rock!

  4. Love it! I’m sure you’ve seen many other surprising shapes and sizes in your search for those PC versions. 🙂