My Partner & I

My Partner & I



My partner & I?  We couldn’t be more opposite.

Ying & Yang.  Felix & Oscar.  Barrack & Boehner.




Me?  I like to be active.  Always on the go.

Always doing something.  I get fidgety sitting around for a long time.






My partner?  Very low key.  Likes to take it easy.

Have a seat.  Don’t hit a lick.  Idle mind.  Idle body.





Me?  I like things tidy.  Everything in its place (so I can find it next time).

Anal?  Maybe a little, but not to obsession.  I don’t plan to be a subject of a TV show on TLC anytime soon!





My partner?  Eh, who cares.  Leave it there.  You can always put it away some other time.

Sit down & relax.  Aren’t you tired?  I’m feeling a nap.






Me?  I enjoy dressing nice.  Miss wearing business casual for work…button-down shirt, nice pants, dress shoes.

When you look good—you feel better, right?





My partner?  Forget it.

Likes to wear something that can be pulled over the head.  Sweat pants with an elastic waist-band (no ties) for those sudden potty urges.

Shoes?  Duh, slip-ons!





Me?  Early to bed, early to rise.  I’m a morning person.  I like to get started on the day when my energy is at its highest.

I can tell my partner hates mornings by the way it makes me so stiff early in the day.





My partner?  A true night owl.  I go to bed before it is ready.  So, he tries to keep me awake by making my legs twitch & jump.

Rat bastard.






Fact is, I don’t like my partner at all.  And it doesn’t like me.  (Sure you feel the same way about yours!)

Sometimes, after a hard fall, I’ll curse at my partner like a sailor.

It probably does the same to me as I pop a baclofen to stave off the stiffness.



But we must learn to live together.

Live in harmony?  I don’t know about that.  But at least compromise.  Give a little.  Take a little.

My partner will let me proceed with my morning activity…and, in return, I’ll let it win by wearing a pullover shirt & sweats.  (They ARE comfy!)

My partner & I are a true odd couple.  Complete opposites, who are slowly learning to respect each other.  (I guess that is the “acceptance” of a disease.)

But I still promise to fight.  To stake a claim to what’s mine. 

And I hope you join me in battle.  Because we can’t give in.


8 Replies to “My Partner & I”

  1. As a girl recently diagnosed with MS, I’ve loved reading through. Your blog! I have recently started a blog of my own, I also have taken the path of looking for the humor! Keep up the fantastic writing!

  2. That’s my biggest problem……..I have MS, with a “Me” (A+)personality. I hope that ink washes off!

  3. Karen,
    So funny. I hear ya!

    Estizer & Kelly,
    Thank you for your comments…and welcome to the bizarro world of My Odd Sock!

  4. Wow, I just realized I could do a sweatpants fasion show, lol. Yes, to all of the above,. Except not sure who my partner is yet, still dating you know…peripheal neuropathy, ms, unspecified demylenating disease , we will see who ? Keep fighting, and accepting, such a strange awkward dsance 🙂 olivia