Unwanted House Guests

Unwanted House Guests



Looking for guestsI haven’t found them yet.  But I know they are here.

Wherever they are….they’re silent.

They haven’t touched any of the food in the fridge…so who knows WHAT they are eating.

Same with the drinks.  None missing.

I haven’t noticed an increase in dirty laundry.  Haven’t heard the toilets flushing, but I know they are here.


There are people living in my home.  More than just my family.  Lots more.

How do I know?

Simple.  I have proof.  Oh, I have proof, all right.

Unwanted house guests, the scam is up!  The party’s over ‘cuz My Odd Sock is on your trail!


What’s my proof?

How do you explain THIS……


So much beauty in one place
So much beauty in one place


Yes, sixteen bottles of shampoo around the shower.

SIXTEEN bottles of hair-care products.  And there are only THREE people living in our home—-that I know of!


Because of the wide variety of different brands & bottles, using deductive reasoning, I believe I’m looking for a posse of beauty-school cosmetologists!


And at least one person has great hair—as a certain product claims to create “soft, seductive, silky profection.”


Farrah Fawcett



Hmm, that narrows it down.

One of the intruders must be Farrah Fawcett!








Another one appears to be an equestrian…complete with their own horse.

How else would  you explain having “Mane ‘n Tail” shampoo & conditioner in one’s shower!



Need more proof I have  horse-riding cosmetologists living in my home?

Take a look at THIS…..





A bale of hay.


Oh, sure it could have been part of our Halloween decorations—

but it also could be food for a horse as well!




So I’ll continue my search for the unwanted guests living in my home.

And when I find them, I’ll grab’em by their silky, shiny hair and throw them & their shampoo right on the street—reclaiming my home for my family.

Wish me well in my quest.


2 Replies to “Unwanted House Guests”

  1. Several of your unwanted house guests must have gone south for the winter (to my house in Florida). There are FOUR bottles of hair-care products in my shower, and I live alone!!

  2. Dang Margaret! I was hoping to catch them before they took off. Sounds like I was too late. Keep your eyes peeled! (And your hair shiny clean)