A Man In A Woman’s World

A Man In A Woman’s World





The following has been rated “S” and contains statements of sarcasm, sexism and stereotypes.

No one under the age of 17 will be permitted to read further unless accompanied by a female gym teacher.



This whole MS thing strikes me down to the core of my “Y” chromosome.

If multiple sclerosis affects two to three times more females than males, I question, how as a guy, did I get into this mess to begin with!


I wonder….Is MS different for the ladies as it is for the gents?


We seem to suffer from the same physical challenges…foot drop, loss of mobility, cognitive functions and the list goes on & on.

But does MS cast its spell differently between the sexes in terms of mind games?

Psychologically, is MS different for a man than it is for a woman?


Personally, my diagnosis was a blow to the male ego.

I mean look at the name…..MS.

MS.  My wife gets packages addressed to “MS!”  I’m a guy.  What happened to “MR?”

MR for guys, MS for girls.


"Bosom Buddies," two guys comfy in a woman's world.
"Bosom Buddies," two guys comfy in a woman's world.


I’ve even had people say to me…”I thought MS was strictly a female condition.”

Ah, no genius.  It’s not cramps!


But still, why couldn’t I have been given a more “masculine” diagnosis?

I dunno, something like athlete’s foot. 

Or a groin pull.

Now that sounds manly!


“Pulled my groin lifting a car off a small child” sounds way cooler than “I have MS and now walk slower than urban renewal.”


Klinger, a man with a flair for fashion.
Klinger, a man with a flair for fashion.



Then, there is the whole “Dad” thing.

Because of MS, I couldn’t coach the kid’s ball teams.  Can’t run with them.  Or roughhouse.

Family provider?  Can’t do that either.

Husband?  Pfft, my wife works a full day and then comes home to cut the grass.



Yep, MS is a real kick in the shorts for guys.

It’s gotta be WAY worse to have MS if you are a g……………………….





Airlines would charge extra for those bags!
Airlines would charge extra for those bags!


(Rubbing his ever expanding “five-head.”)



Come to think of it, I know quite a few ladies out there with MS.

And likewise, many are parents.

Many have spouses.

And many have had to leave the workforce because of their illness.

Suppose they feel any less?





grinch smile


(Realization & change of heart like the Grinch.)


Maybe, just maybe.  We aren’t so different.

Maybe MS is as much a kick in the shorts for men as it is for women.



So, a “man in a woman’s world?”

Nah, let me rephrase that.

More like a “man & a woman in an MS world.”


Disclaimer: No groins were pulled in the writing of this post.

6 Replies to “A Man In A Woman’s World”

  1. You made this funny, but ms has to be worse for a man to…….
    come to terms with. But I still think you are one cool “mr “. Hugs your way

  2. Olivia,
    Thanks, but I think MS can be equally hard for a man or a woman to come to terms with. It depends on the person.

    Oh and I’ll share your comment with my kids who think I am far from cool!

  3. MS is, the researchers say, indeed worse for males. In fact during and right after pregnacies the MS of the mother will go into a nice remission. HORMONES. But, the name yeah. Needs manliness, like, oh, “TROJAN” or “THOR.” Just say you have a “Dr.”–demyelating relapse.
    Sorry Ms Dude.

  4. I had a hard time finding MS Blogs written by men! Thanks go to Muffie for steering me to you. (?!) I have added you to my BEST of MS Blogs list on MY blog–YEA! A macho man!

  5. Diane,
    Welcome to My Odd Sock!
    If you visit on a regular basis, be sure to know that you will be losing viable brain cells in the process.
    It is good to have you on board! Thank you!