MS aMuSings

MS aMuSings






It’s time to clear out some MS related items from the My Odd Sock filing cabinet.

So here in no particular order, I give you various “musings,” hopefully presented in a humorous way….thus called ‘amusings.”

(Clever as mold, aren’t I?)




Stem Cell Study Update


In a previous post (“Lab Rat #19”), I detailed my involvement in the Cleveland Clinic’s first-ever study of mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in MS patients.

I’m pleased to report the stem cells taken from my bone marrow have been fruitful and multiplied to sufficient levels condusive to continue with the study.




My Odd Sock’s stem cells have been cryogenically frozen and are probably hanging out somewhere at the Clinic in the Frigidaire freezer of the employee break room.  (Just speculating!)


My infusion date is scheduled for November 26th.

I pray this study will open doors and bring positive results to all of us with MS!

I’ll keep you posted.



My Odd Sock recognized….really!


Got an email last week that KwikMed, a leading health care provider and fully licensed online pharmacy, has recognized My Odd Sock for “excellence due to the contribution its top quality editorial offers the multiple sclerosis world.”

(Wow, KwikMed must drink heavily, huh!)

My Odd Sock was included in a list of “19 Absolutely Outstanding MS Blogs.”

Here is the link highlighting the winners as well as health information from KwikMed….

At the bottom of the page, KwikMed lists several of the meds they prescribe…the first two being Viagra & Cialis.  Guess that explains the “Kwik” of KwikMed!  Hey now!

All kidding aside, My Odd Sock is very appreciative of this honor…and thanks KwikMed for its due diligence in composing such an informative collection of MS websites!



More MS Nonsense


Here are some odd, silly things I’ve found in our MS world of disability…..





…Like this sign I noticed while in England this past summer.

(Maybe you’ll remember it from an earlier post.)







Next, you have heard of Alaska’s “Bridge To Nowhere.”

Well, here is “Ohio’s Handicap-Accessible Sidewalk To Nowhere!”

Like, what the?









Finally, here is an advertisement for an upcoming MS talk.




Notice it’s being held in a place called “The Upstairs Lounge.”


Well that certainly makes it easy for us to attend!

That’s like having a talk about claustrophobia in a bank vault!



Hope you have enjoyed my “MS aMuSuings.”

Feel free to comment or share something odd you’ve found here in our MS world.

Till next time.




4 Replies to “MS aMuSings”

  1. You know you’ve REALLY made it when you make the David Letterman “Top Ten List of Absolutely Outstanding MS Blogs”. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the award and good luck with the treatment. Your sign reminded me of a MS discussion I attended a few years ago. The hotel lobby was at least a mile from the conference rooms. Fortunately, I took my scooter, but many other attendees gave up and left!

  3. Muff,
    Wow, shouldn’t event organizers think about things like that?
    Thank you for the kind words.

  4. Wow, your research thingey sounds cool and scary, I am scared of drs. I am interested to know more. Congratulations on your honor, so cool
    Oh yes, the hair post me laugh so hard I criee 🙂 Olivia