2012 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey

2012 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey



Oh God, not again!
Oh God, not again!


Yep, it’s that time to don the clipboard and make a mockery of the theories of market research.

You have been specially chosen (not really) to participate in this mindless survey of MS ridiculousness.

Grab your pencil and answer each of these carefully-crafted questions as it relates to you & your MS.

You may begin with the……..


2012 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey.



Question 1-     The greatest sense of balance is displayed…..


Gymnast on Beam


A)   by a gymnast on the beam.

B)   by a trapese artist at the circus.

C)   by an MSer trying to buckle their pants.







Question 2-   You know you’ve had MS for a long while when…..


A)  you do the nine-hole peg test with your eyes closed.

B)   you have to wash handprints from the walls.

C)   you can hum the melody of the “ticks” inside the MRI machine.




Question 3-   Your most tolerated location of doing a shot is…..


shot glassA)   in the back of the arm.

B)   in the skin folds of the abdomen.

C)   down the gullet—followed by a beer chaser.





Question 4-   This time of year…..


A)   brings relief from Summer’s heat & humidity.

B)   allows an MSer to be comfortable outdoors.

C)   brings more political TV ads than I have friggin leg spasms!




Question 5-   Tysabri is…..


Lone Ranger & Tonto


A)   an infused treatment for multiple sclerosis.

B)   a diesease-modifying agent used by many with MS.

C)   the name of Tonto’s squaw from TV’s “The Lone Ranger.”




Question 6-   Driving with hand controls…..


A)   is an important part of maintaining independence.

B)   is easily adaptable to any driver or any vehicle.

C)   makes it difficult to flip-off the car than just cut me off.



Question 7-   The most difficult part of attending an MS support group meeting…..


Handicap parking space


A)   can be intimidating meeting others who share your plight.

B)   is acceptance of your disease.

C)   is the fight to find one of the few handicap-parking spaces.





Question 8-   The more obstacles in my way…..


A)   the more determined I become.

B)   makes me a stronger person.

C)   the worse I have to pee.



Question 9-   A person with MS rarely commits a crime because…..



A)   they know the difference between right & wrong.

B)   crime does not pay.

C)   of a terribly slow get-away.





Question 10-   Researchers have proven MSers have lower levels of vitamin D because…..


Stupid plastic ring!
Stupid plastic ring!



A)   we tend to live in geographic areas with less sunshine.

B)   many with MS are house-bound.

C)   we can’t get the damn milk jug open.




Thank you for participating in the 2012 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey.

Your answers are strictly confidential and a complete waste of time.  Results will be tabulated and then disposed of in the nearest dumpster.

We can only hope the world will end before next year’s survey!


3 Replies to “2012 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey”

  1. Senseless comment to Question 7 (c) I have been complaining about the lack of designated handicap parking spaces at MS related programs for years. I suggested to the local MS Society, who sponsors most of these events, could they maybe mark off and designate additional handicap parking close to the venue. Almost everyone who comes to these things needs a handicap spot, some more than others. They said it was a good idea, but it has never happened. I guess we just need to pray it doesn’t rain.

  2. Margaret,
    Your comment confirms my thoughts exactly.
    At our group functions there are only so many spaces, but so many of us. Since I use my wheelchair I don’t even park close–figure I can roll farther than I can walk. (Maybe I’ll get lucky and get hit by a bus!)