More Odds & Ends

More Odds & Ends



Odds & Ends




Here are a few, disjointed observations that have My Odd Sock raising his bushy monobrow.





sale ad 2


Got this sale ad in the mail.

“40% off the entire store.”


I thought I’d offer a hundred-grand for the whole place.



Crap…the sale ended already!




Is this place safe?
Is this place safe?


Here is the name of a car wash in my neighborhood.


A rogue wave is a freakishly, large wave that occurs at deep sea.  Rogue waves are dangerous even to large ships and ocean liners.


I don’t need a rogue wave to remove the grime from my Honda Fit!


Give me the “Soft & Sudsy Car Wash”—-not the “Tidy Tsunami Auto Wash!”





Found these bottles of hair care products in my shower.


Are they for horses?…..Or humans?


Funny, I haven’t noticed any equine galloping through my family room, so it must be for human use.


This is one strange name for a shampoo & conditioner.


Eva Longoria


Ya know, when I think of long, silky, luxurious hair……

I tend to think of Eva Longoria.



Mr Ed


NOT…..Mr Ed!


This reminds me of a story from my childhood.

My Dad suffered with sinus problems for years.  He finally visited an allergy doctor who gave him a full-range of allergy tests.

The doctor’s conclusion was that my Dad was allergic to horses.  (An odd diagnosis because we lived in the city!)

When the doctor asked if my father was around horses, my Dad replied “No, but I do work with a lot of horse’s asses!”



Have a tremendous weekend.










2 Replies to “More Odds & Ends”

  1. I love your blog…I actually have Sjogrens but hey…u could substitute one for the other in many cases! Please keep doing this! It brightens my day!

  2. Heidi,
    Thank you so much for your words!
    Sometimes I wonder why I waste my time with this but then a comment like yours makes it all worth while.
    (That concludes my warm & fuzzy thought for the day)

    Not familiar with Sjogrens, but my thoughts are with you. Stay strong & visit again!