Stop The Violence

Stop The Violence



Stop The Violence



Yes, we must stop the violence!

There are horrific crimes taking place in our schools each day.

And nothing is being done to stop it.



The problem is worse than gang rivalry.  More than bullying.  And racial-relations pales in comparison.


A game of "slaughter" taking place.
A game of "slaughter" taking place.



The problem is violence found in…..

….Girl’s high school volleyball!




Just read the gruesome details from this actual account found in my local paper……

(The names have been changed to protect the guilty parties)

“Julie Jetson had 17 kills, nine blocks, five aces and nine digs as Heartland Academy improved to 7-0.

Kelly Clarkson added 12 kills & four blocks.  Snooki added 23 assists and seven digs.

Meanwhile, Brookfield School got 12 kills & eight digs from Madame Curie, three kills from Paula Abdul and six kills from Vanna White.”


Can you believe people watch this violence?
Can you believe people watch this violence?


As you can see, I’m not sure what is happening during these blood-bath melees, but the violence must end!


Girls are proudly boasting their “kills” as if some sort of sport!

“Assists” are recorded as if one is “assisting” another in a “kill” situation, I suppose.

Some girls are being credited with “blocks” which must mean they have saved someone from being “killed.”




Young children must look away.
Young children must look away.



And yet, other girls are registering “digs.”

I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it must be referring to the funeral-burial process.

Yes, another sick element to this barbaric game!




Whether it be about “kills” or “digs” or “assists”—this activity must be stopped and NOT glorified in our papers like some kind of athletic endeavor.



One less volleyball from the street.
One less volleyball from the street.


To end the mindless slaughter, I propose a community-wide “Volleyball Buy-Back” program.

Cash for volleyballs would aid in getting volleyballs off the streets and out of the hands of those who use volleyballs carelessly.


In essence, one less volleyball on the street would mean one less opportunity to “kill”, “assist”, or “dig.”


Please help in our efforts to stop the violence.

Please help us take volleyballs away from girls high-school volleyball teams.


This message of public safety has been brought to you by My Odd Sock.




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  1. At least in Bikini Beach VB there is sand to catch those kill shots. 🙂 I’m a fan…I think that’s most of what I watched during the olympics…that and Gymnastics. 🙂